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      Default Re: Should Sharks move to Central Coast and Sutherland Shire integrate with St. Georg
      Originally Posted by elbusto View Post
      I am having to refer your posts to the mods bro. Don't want to but I feel I have to. Looks like a ban coming along soon. Just be careful. I only say this as a friend.
      thanks for the banne elpricko creepo

      cronulla beach sand permanently jammed in your vagina i see

      dont neck yourself with your knotted panties

      over an opinion , what a sad f**kwit

      cant handle an a opinion in a forum, what a softcock bipolar tool

      its called the cave dickhead, cant handle it, dont enter it

      96% of nrl fans agree with my opinions regarding the pathetic sharks media story's

      the spastic sharks shame of the nrl
    2. goodplayer
      some chatters said you were baned
    3. sportive cupid
      sportive cupid
      What do you mean?
    4. goodplayer
      J Morris 550
      B Morris 550
      Perrett 200
      Reynolds 400?
      Hodkinson 400?
      Lichaa 300
      Graham 700
      Tolman 300
      Eastwood 300
      Williams 400
      Finucane 250
      Jackson 250
      Klemmer 330
      Pritchard 550
      Kasiano 300
      L. Perret 150

      All conservative figures for above, only 16 players out of possible squad for 2015, 5.93 mil. What are the other 10 players in the squad going to get? And they are also suppose to get those matau'ia brothers from Newcastle? Something doesn't add up.
    5. goodplayer
    6. goodplayer
      Basically, the Broncos were hated from the get go.

      We were invited to participate in their competition to help expand the game but the Broncos weren't happy to play by their standards and were constantly finding ways to improve themselves on and off the field.

      This caused two things to happen. Resentment and higher expectations. The sooner we couldn't meet the latter, the boots would naturally come in from all and sundry.

      We also clashed heads with the NSWRL administration all the time over petty matters.
    7. goodplayer
      W This didn't reflect well on the club but there's two sides to every story and the one that's rarely ever told is that they didn't want our administration to win the liscence and had their own choice in mind who didn't have the support of the Brisbane community. They kicked the shits and started doing things just to piss us off. For instance, the Gold Coast weren't originally planned for the 1988 expansion but were given a license not long after they realised they weren't going to get their way with Brisbane, gifting it to a failed Broncos bid and to make matters worse, to tip-toe around their location exclusivety agreement with Brisbane, they based the Coast in Tweed Heads, fulfilling their obligation that the Broncos were the only Queensland team in the competition. On top of that, they also handed the Coast & Newcastle significant grants which the Broncos weren't offered. This created bad blood and it only got worse with issues like the judiciary who were as inconsistent as ever.
    8. goodplayer
      Even in Brisbane, there were a lot of BRL loyalists who didn't want to support a Sydney team and just never took to the Broncos. This group, that I like to call the anti-Broncos South Queensland fans only grew when moments like Super League & Lewis being sacked took place.

      From there, every club has their reason really. You can't compete in a competition without pissing somebody else - at least not if you're doing it right. With the Dragons, not only did we beat them in consecutive finals but Alfie also got up after the game and sang that famous little diddy. Either way, probably not the most classy thing but what Dragons fans don't realise is that Alfie was under the impression Brian Smith had all these really derogatory opinions of the team and they really got on the nerves of our players. As it turns out, it was doctored by Bennett and proved to be one of the main catalysts behind our second premiership.
    9. goodplayer
      You then had Super League where both clubs were entrenched firmly on each opposing side and when news broke that one of their key players in Gorden Tallis was going to sit out the entire season they weren't happy at all, especially when they made it all the way to the Grand Final without him.

      And all sorts of incidents along the way. I think a big part of it is that there are a bunch of Dragons fans who live in the South East and don't enjoy living behind enemy lines so to speak and having to put up with all the propaganda.
    10. goodplayer
      Summons' best ever Kangaroos:

      Fullback: Ken Thornett

      Wingers: Graeme Langlands, Greg Inglis

      Centres: Reg Gasnier, Mal Meninga

      Halves: Darren Lockyer, Cooper Cronk

      Lock: Johnny Raper

      Second-row: Norm Provan, Ron Coote

      Props: Arthur Beetson, Noel Kelly

      Hooker: Cameron Smith

      Reserve forwards: Shane Webcke, Robbie Farah Reserve backs: Wally Lewis, Johnathan Thurston
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