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    Round 15 vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs

    You've got tremendous stamina BP
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    Round 14 vs. Canberra Raiders Discussion

    The fact that the board and R&R team still have jobs is beyond me.
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    Round 19 vs. Parramatta Eels

    Check out this from Renouf. Does he know something we don't? 6. Anthony Milford Anthony is the million-dollar man and he has to step up next year. I don't see him injecting himself in the game enough but he is a far better player than what he has recently shown. The Broncos need him at his...
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    Round 19 vs. Parramatta Eels

    Must be the worst non-origin affected Broncos side of all time? I can't watch, it will be too painful. I see we are outright last now. To be honest, it's where we deserve to be. Our only shot is an unlikely win over the Cowboys next week.
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    Round 18 vs. Gold Coast Titans

    We are an awful rugby league team. Honestly it's heartbreaking to watch. It's particuarly sad when Boyd is your best player. Hopefully that's the last time we see Oates on the wing. It's clear he just can't fix that part of his game, and now he has to prove that he can be an NRL standard...
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    Round 16 vs. Sydney Roosters

    Didn't bother watching this game, but there goes the theory that the players were trying to get Seibold to quit. Anthony probably quite enjoyed the game.
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    Seibold GONE

    I hope the Broncos look beyond the coach as the only problem. Don't get me wrong, Siebold needed to go, but we must have deeper problems.
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    Round 15 vs. St George Illawarra Dragons

    Surely Staggs wouldn't get a look in for NSW? They are stacked in the outside backs and Staggs defence is just too suspect at the moment. The only guaranteed origin player is Fifita. Haas could get picked but he is not super aggressive in defence. NSW would win easily without him, but they...
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    Round 14 vs. Canberra Raiders

    BP kudos to you for still making these threads. I'm not sure how you have the stamina... Literally every day it's more bad news and just not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
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    David Fifita Contract Saga

    It's fine we didn't match the big offer. But the fact Fifita wasn't willing to stay at the Broncos for the very good offer we gave is a sign of how far this great club has fallen.
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    Round 10 vs. Wests Tigers

    The players simply didn't have a dig tonight. Not sure why they bothered travelling.
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    Round 9 vs. Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

    Paix is absolutely the better bench dummy half option. Dearden has made some horrible errors when he has come on, not surprisingly with little time left and out of position. If Dearden is in he is either in the starting side or not at all. I'm not sure I like Hopoate over Kennedy. The latter...
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    Round 8 vs. Warriors

    Hey BP, what's your thoughts on Niu? He has only started out but I just don't see the superstar potential that has been reported. He is quite small and gets dominated by defence, and doesn't seem overly fast or agile to compensate. Probably still an upgrade on Isaako though. Don't mean to...
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    Round 8 vs. Warriors

    To be honest the comments from Oates before this game really concerned me. Basically said that he didn't deserve to be dropped, because he wasn't going that bad and why weren't other under performing players being dropped. News flash if you play crap for > 1 year then you are deserving of...
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    Round 6 vs. Newcastle Knights

    Deadset embarrassing.

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