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  1. gregstar

    Norman suspended

    My bad. I meant no charges laid. I'm assuming Jason Ryles was charged though.
  2. gregstar

    Norman suspended

    Clearly if a female player is attacked, she should lay back and think; "Oh well. I'll take one for the game which is more important than me." The game has been governed by morons since the mid / late 90's. As mentioned above, if the police drop charges, that should be the end of it.
  3. gregstar


    Yep. A known side effect of radiation therapy. Unless the medical staff inform you they're losing. That can actually assist the recovery.
  4. gregstar

    Norman suspended

    I remember Merv Hughes said when he was given a gob-full by a Sth African fan continuously throughout a days play and then when leaving the field ,with his bat, he hit the enclosure that separated the players from fans between the field & the dressing rooms when that same fan ran over to it &...
  5. gregstar

    Norman suspended

    It's such a pity our game has come to this. On-field brawls have become AFL handbag "scuffles" & "melees." And now thumping a drunken deadsh*T in self defence is suspension worthy. It's becoming touch football on the field & The Brady Bunch off it. God f*Cking help us.
  6. gregstar

    Your Top 8 and Grand Final Pick

    I reckon it will be a Rorters / LOL@50uff$ grand final. Or maybe Rorters / Smiths...... For something different.
  7. gregstar

    Sack Griffin

    Let's get the thread started before it's too late.
  8. gregstar

    Widdop is Returning to NRL

    This dude is better than abNormal.
  9. gregstar

    Bruce Gordon getting closer.....

    It is so f[_]cking hard explaining that to morons. The I own a company which engages in joint ventures with other companies when undertaking large contracts. These get reviewed at various stages of the contract. How hard can it be understanding that?! There are some ignorant f*cking gimps out...
  10. gregstar


    Mundane might be an idiot. But I'd have him back in an instant. Even at 45 he's better than abNormal. I miss him & I miss Blacklock. And he is not the reason we lost in '99. We lost because our forwards turned to water.
  11. gregstar

    Widdop is Returning to NRL

    Gareth Widdop is set to make a permanent move back to the NRL Former Storm and Dragons playmaker Gareth Widdop’s contract with Warrington is about to end Picture: Getty Images North Queensland have been offered the chance to sign Gareth Widdop as part of a deal that would allow Jake Clifford...
  12. gregstar

    Widdop is Returning to NRL

    It appears that Widderp is returning to the NRL permanently. Apparently his manager is trying to finalise a deal with the Cowboys which would allow the Knitts to grab Jake Clifford of them. What a pity we couldn't punt abNormal. Alas.
  13. gregstar

    Jack Bird

    True. Fair swap. Norman sat this season out as well.
  14. gregstar

    Jack Bird

    ‘Laughed at them’: Broncos ‘arrogance’ might cost them $1m for a player they don't want Unwanted Broncos star Jack Bird’s mooted move to St George Illawarra has hit a massive roadblock after Brisbane failed to issue the Dragons with a revised offer. The Daily Telegraph reported the Dragons...
  15. gregstar

    Jack Bird

    How depressing is it to be discussing this as a potential signing? Is there a single high profile, elite representative player out there that will ever join our club? Is there a single high profile, elite representative player out there who will ever be even linked to our club? Who would be...