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  1. grouch

    Rumoured Signings

    Cowboys with Payten?
  2. grouch

    Rumoured Signings

    Bit rough to insult Hornby by associating him with Rein like that! He's a premiership winning Origin and Kangaroo rep who holds the record for most games in the red v. But aside from that, he's also famous for making this gesture at Mitch Rein:
  3. grouch

    for your consideration: coach Justin Holbrook

    Tracking First season in charge of Gold Coast and he's immediately lifted the wooden spooners well off the bottom. Not only did they beat us, they'll likely finish above us as well.
  4. grouch

    Brisbane can't play

    Sing it with me! Shout out to Alfie Langer and the class of 93. Guess which club haven't won a spoon since then? :kissing_heart:
  5. grouch

    Useless Useless Useless

    Since McGregor was dumped I've started tipping the Dragons more regularly again, and they just cost me a perfect round and the outright lead in my work tipping comp. Bastards
  6. grouch

    OT its a mad world and a messi world

    Messi at least is charitable and gives money back to the community, in addition to actually providing joy and entertainment on the field. Compare him to the bloodsucking billionaires like Bezos
  7. grouch

    Confirmed Signings

    This dude also thought McGregor was unfairly maligned Aitken sucks
  8. grouch

    Players who started playing at a late age

    Over the years I've read articles about players who didn't play any rugby league until their mid-teens yet still played in the NRL. Anyone aware of some of these players? Thanks
  9. grouch

    Rumoured Signings

    The Titans were supposedly one of the front runners to sign John Asiata from the Cowboys too. What's the latest on that? Was hoping the Saints would land him
  10. grouch

    Ravalawa is the best Fijian Winger in the NRL

    For the ballrunner! Oh yeahhhhh
  11. grouch

    Round 14 vs Eels

    Fabulous win. We have so many very good players, it's an exciting hopeful time
  12. grouch

    Round 14 vs Eels

    haha no. Please get him as far away as possible, forever.
  13. grouch

    Jersey Identification

    I'll need a closer look. I'll PM you my address and you can post it :-)
  14. grouch

    Sack mcgregor

    Paul McGregor truly is a great painter. He just helped me paint my walls with jizz

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