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  • Hey troll :D what happened to your thread on the Wales game? I was just about to post a rebuttal and it seems to have disappeared.
    "I am all for conversation and debate".: Have to say gutts that my experience with you and the clones says different.

    "but being called a union troll every minute".: tbf they dont allus call you a union troll...the whole working for the NZru thing is funny as well, if a little over used.

    "because my opinion is in direct conflict with dally messenger and whomever he has in support at that time isn't conversation".: Nah, its because you immeadiately counter most positive statements with a spray at either the poster or the NRL, imho of course.
    Again, Im not saying the sport should get a free ride but FFS gutts, you are starting to act like one of those 'flatcappers' you go on about.

    "and here we are 18 months later....still in the kindergarden".: :lol:
    "I believe EA burnt his bridges with RLFANS and eels, although he claims not to be, is banned as confirmed by harrigan."
    Really? Cos I could have sworn I just saw a post (timed @06.10)in the Eels thread on Rlfans..

    "What I have issues with is a forum fascist group trying to impose their will as law": Happens all the time mate...:
    "The stuff of fancy that some post only invites attack...ill thought out off the cuff or knee jerk remarks are going to invite ridicule"
    Especially when they contradict ones own views ay. As for me, I like hearing other ppls helps me consider my ideas/ posistions.
    "Was banned for a week I think.": Later today then...maybe some of the LU posters could pop over and welcome m4e n dally back. They could also peruse the Attendance tracker thread and compare the comments ther to the one on this site.

    "Rooster has worked in and for NRL organisations I believe." Yep, so when rb states that ppl within the game are mis-leading and lieing it carries some weight... ppl who claim to love RL will f..kin kill this sport.

    You made a big thing about how you (and others) are only pointing out the problems of the NRL/ RL..but thats nearly all you and the clones seem to do mate..The 10 billlion(or whatever) facebook thing turned into an attack on a poster and the game FFS!

    Iv never suggested unquestioning belief but if we dont support and big the game up, then who does?
    "JB is set on one thing": yep and while I didnt mention JB, from the sounds of it he's working really hard to help RL in WA; good luck to them both, I hope they get the nod and JB gets some beers.

    The two posters I mentioned are just gf clones...tho there is a striking similarity between them and Phizza..'cept Phizza (when not joining in the anti NRL thing) is actually trying to be funny!

    "strange that t'others aren't back" Nah, not really. 2 of the 3 will prolly be allowed back later today (Weds)...How long were you banned for?
    Seems strange that the multi login poster is back b4 the lads who arent..Real surprised 'H' would play those games but hey, whatever. Funny thing is, ppl like rb n sal claim they want debate then cry when they get it and start bagging the sport and NRL in particular..prolly why so few Real NRL fans choose to post on there. Im still not back yet btw, tho having seen some of the recent posts, I hope t'others are.
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