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  1. Headless Chook

    Manly 3 2 1s

    No doubt it was a very disappointing end to what was a season like no other. We were taken off life support after the first 20 minutes after having nothing more to give. It’s hard to blame anyone. On a much more positive note the fact we’ve had to blood so many fringe first graders and...
  2. Headless Chook

    2021 SF 1 Fri - Manly 42-6 Sydney @ BB Print

    We were no chance of beating Souffs next week. It's all up to Manly now to do the right thing and knock the tooth out of them. That's all that matters now. Great win tonight, well done.
  3. Headless Chook


    The Moses infatuation is borderline incestuous.
  4. Headless Chook

    General Roosters chatter

    I don’t mind it. He’s only 31 so he still has a few more years left in his legs. It’d be a similar pick up to when we bought Jason Ryles in 2011. Another experienced hardhead in a team of young blokes would be a welcome addition,
  5. Headless Chook

    Titans 3 2 1s

    Well, we live to fight another day after another heart in mouth moment at the end of the game. If Fafita gets that ball I’m sure he scores. I was in line for a decent collect if he did but I’ll the win over anything all day. Here’s hoping turbo has peaked on his run. We could do with a repeat...
  6. Headless Chook

    Match Discussion: Finals Week 1 vs Gold Coast @ Queensland Country Bank Stadium

    I'm more than OK with him starting on the bench for this game. It's a good move. If we progress to week two Robbo might have different plan given we will play either Melbourne or Manly who know how to rack up a score quickly out of the blocks. I think Walker is the better option if we want...
  7. Headless Chook

    2021 R25 Sun - Wests Tigers 0-38 Canterbury @ Moreton Daily

    As soon as they realised that finishing 9th was longer possible a few weeks back the Tiges have just thrown in the towel. That's just so disappointing. I thought they were better than that.
  8. Headless Chook

    Raiders 3 2 1s

    3. D Hutch 2. A Keighran 1. SST I thought Hutch was outstanding. He most certainly had a calming influence on Lam who also was good. He wasn't a one-trick pony and had great variation in his game. While he's no Cooper Cronk there are similarities and if he can continue to improve then Sam...
  9. Headless Chook

    How many weeks for Latrell?

    Is it money well spent? Will anything change? Henry Pereneum will be back bigger and better than ever some time down the track and will f**k things up again, be stood down, then reinstated. It's like he doesn't have to give a shit.
  10. Headless Chook

    General Roosters chatter

    I can't seeing Robbo give a f**k whether he receives the News Ltd Daily Telegraph trinket for coach of the year or not.
  11. Headless Chook

    How many weeks for Latrell?

    I really wish a time machine was a thing. Transport Mitchell back to the 70’s and let’s see how much of a tough bitch he is trying that shit on with the likes of Dallas Donnelly, terry Randall or Les Boyd.
  12. Headless Chook

    Grubs 3 2 1s

    Just waiting for Teddy to do his ACL next week to cap off a truly miserable year injury wise. Cannot be more proud of the way we've held it together. 3. Hutch 2. Manu 1. Verrills
  13. Headless Chook

    In Memoriam

    One of my favourite Charlie Watts anecdotes. RIP legend.
  14. Headless Chook

    Dragons 3 2 1s

    3. Teddy 2. Hutch 1. Walker do you think they’ll start Walker next week or continue with him coming off the bench? We need to get off to a good start against Souths (as they like to do) and I just think Walker is a better option than Lam.
  15. Headless Chook

    2021 R23 Sun - St Geo Illa 22-40 Sydney @ Clive Berghofer

    I had to double check the draw after landing here. We are playing the Dragons and not the Panthers aren’t we?