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    This week's huge 44-page programme is a milestone in rugby league - the first global match programme covering both NRL and Super League under the same umbrella.

    Some great features this week - an important chat Josh Wells has with a concussion expert on the way sports media approach head injuries; Paul Jobber speaks to Connor Watson as the Newcastle hooker position becomes more cursed; and legendary sports writer Steve Mascord joins the team with a piece on how Sunday's Super League restart will work as he interviews Leeds boss Gary Hetherington.


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Mar 31, 2018
Mar 11, 2007
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Jatz Crackers

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Mar 31, 2018
    1. Scarves
      No mate, but go Manly.
    2. Jatz Crackers
      Jatz Crackers
      Dont do it Dutch. Be a poor happy bum instead !
    3. Dutchy
      I am likely to move way inland when I finish my degree. No opportunity really along the coast.
    4. Jatz Crackers
      Jatz Crackers
      Beautiful. Beats me as to how anyone can live away from the coast. I would be one sad dribbler if that was the case.
    5. Dutchy
      Lake Mac is me. On the Mori Peninsula..Yarrawonga Park..near Bonnels Bay.
    6. Jatz Crackers
      Jatz Crackers
      Love Lake Maquarie and Stockton areas etc. Newy has a bright future once the infrastructure investment starts to kick in. Underrated area.
    7. Dutchy
      I live up towards Newcastle which sucks when there is footy talk. Not a bad area though.
    8. Jatz Crackers
      Jatz Crackers
      There seems to be a few manly fans up this way (Noosa) but a bit sparse to get any get togethers going. LOL at trolls.....LU has a their share, but I do failry well at ignoring them these days. If your on the Peninsula, have a beer for me at Brookie next time.
    9. Dutchy
      Oh harsh, you are one of the few Manly guys on this forum it would be worth having a beer with.

      We got a lot of trolls, idiots and tards representing on LU.
    10. Dutchy
      Hey mate, do you get to many Brookie games?
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