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Dec 5, 2013
Nov 6, 2005
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Dec 5, 2013
    1. hori from perth
      hori from perth
      hi my name is steven and i been living in perth for 6yrs,it's gay FL{AFL} most of the time in perth so i just like to chat about NZ/Leauge, Warriors .So can i join?chur
    2. madunit
      ahoy JB, I got his phone number at home. will send him a sms tonight for ya.
    3. playdaball
      Do you know what is wrong with nzwarriors site ? I haven't been able to get in for weeks.
    4. Pistol
      Did you hear the Energizer Bunny was arrested?

      He was charged with battery
    5. Pistol
      What do you do if you see an elephant with three balls?

      Walk him and pitch to the rhino
    6. byrne_rovelli_fan82
      I got a response from Willow about this, and he says Dave's not been banned but it's got to do with him not updating his email or something. So I don't know what the story is
    7. byrne_rovelli_fan82
      Great, thanks not much I can do about that since another of my so called starters has been unresponsive for the last several days and there's no way the subbies can make it in either.

      Is it just his computer/or whatever?
    8. 2black2strong
      Hey dave. You have to clear some messages in your inbox. It's saying you've exceeded your space and won't allow any more PM's to be sent to you.
    9. MKEB...
      Did you get my payment for another two wristbands
    10. MKEB...
      i'll go a wristband thanks
    11. Dave Q
      Dave Q
      True story:

      As the Titanic was going down, one of the passengers bumped into the gym instructor and said to him:

      Well I suppose Id better cancel tomorrows squash lesson!

      Thats what I call a sense of humour.

      Good luck tomorrow, thoughts are with you.
    12. Dave Q
      Dave Q
      Ive sent it thru to you.


      Your mission is more important than my words Jes.
    13. Sam_the_man
      Good stuff, looking forward to getting home ;) Happy new year!!
    14. playdaball
      Hey mate is the other site stiill down Cheers
    15. Timmah
      Correctevu. Cheers
    16. Timmah
      As long as you remind at some point after 6:00pm tonight I should be able to get it up and going tonight. Cheers
    17. Timmah
      Hey mate, keep reminding me about the #23 banner for your F7s team, I'll get to it eventually :-k

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