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  • Hi mate my name is Nicholas. You don't know me but I thought that this maybe something that you might like to pass onto someone at the club if you think it might be appropriate.

    I was watching the "Alex Jones Show" yesterday and this guru naturopath, Dr. Joel Wallach was on. He is considered the best in his field for obvious reasons if you watch the interview. I have seen him in many interviews over the years and he just blows me away with his knowledge and cures for so many health conditions. Well anyway I thought that maybe with some injuries, fitness/stamina this may help our players significantly. In particular his cure for cartilage and ligament damage is compelling to say the least.

    I will understand if you just tell me to pissoff, I won't be offended, but I don't have any contacts within the club and I believe you do, so this might help some.

    Nicholas (TheRam)
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