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Recent content by KaivitiBati

  1. KaivitiBati

    Super League News

    Seems France may be the next country to be promoted to T1. Am sure if they try they can get the game to RU level & professionalise the domestic competition. Would be good if Scotland &Ireland can follow their foot steps to some extent to get at least 1 pro team in the RFL pyramid & grow from...
  2. KaivitiBati

    Australia and New Zealand withdraw from RLWC

    Hope they can get the 3 other Home Nations & France along with US, Canada & Jamaica more games against their Pacific Counterparts say during Autumn they play 4 games something like this in addition to the Euro A: 1) Scotland v US 2) Scotland v PNG 3) Scotland v Cook Islands 4) Scotland v Samoa...
  3. KaivitiBati

    Australia and New Zealand withdraw from RLWC

    Surprised they didn't name Marcelo Montoya or RCG (unless he has already said no)
  4. KaivitiBati

    RLPA Survey - “Overwhelming Support”

    Jacob & Daniel Saifiti may opt to play for Fiji but no doubt Samoa has a lot of options & depth in their players not just the NRL but also in the SL. FIJI ELIGIBLE PLAYERS Brandon Wakeham (Bulldogs) -Also eligible for Lebanon but most likely will opt for Fiji Brayden Wiliame (Dragons)-Moving...
  5. KaivitiBati

    RLPA Survey - “Overwhelming Support”

    Daniel Saifiti for Fiji, Tedesco for Italy, Mitchel Moses for Lebanon
  6. KaivitiBati

    Tongas for the taking?

    Fiji can have the likes of Tariq Sims, RCG, Daniel Saifiti & Apisai Koroisau plus Samoa with the likes of Payne Haas & other Soo Players so chances of a Pacific Team winning is high & if pools don't change & assuming a cross pool match between B & C we can most certainly see Fiji in the Finals...
  7. KaivitiBati

    Australia and New Zealand withdraw from RLWC

    True, but am currently assuming PI players won't be allowed to go due to pressure from clubs & PI having to source players domestically or up North. Samoa & Tonga are stacked with NRL players with many playing Origin. Fiji has enough NRL players to form a team & only 3 having played Origin this...
  8. KaivitiBati

    Australia and New Zealand withdraw from RLWC

    Plenty of Samoans (13 in SL and 5 in championship) & Tongans(13 in SL & 2 in championship) up North probably enough for a starting 13 last I checked. As for Fiji & PNG, they have the Silktails & Hunters which aren't controlled by ARLC/NRL/QRL/NSWRL/NZRL plus few players up North. Yes, it won't...
  9. KaivitiBati

    NZRL: Mid-Year Tests unlikely, look to play Tonga in October

    More like 100% are from the Trans-Tasman Bubble. Tonga, Samoa & NZ can each field teams with 100% talent & Fiji can field a team with NRL plus a mix of QLD/NSW Cup & maybe a Kaiviti Silktail or 2 which are already in Australia. But ya there is 0 reasons as to why there aren't playing. They could...