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  1. Lambretta

    2021 R7 ANZAC Day - Sydney 34-10 St Geo Illa @ SCG

    If St George can't beat the North Sydney Bears reserves by 50 thereby consigning our season to history, then they need to grab a mirror
  2. Lambretta

    2021 R1 Sat - Sydney 46-4 Manly @ SCG

    Where is Sam Verrills? Is he still injured?
  3. Lambretta

    The Game 2021 Membership

    The NRL website only shows memberships as at the end of 2020 You'd think they would have up to date figures
  4. Lambretta

    The Game 2021 Membership This shows membership numbers - but the page says 2020 Are these the current numbers or last years? Many of them are matching the figures posted above
  5. Lambretta

    2020 R16 Fri - Roosters 58-12 Broncos @ SCG

    Maybe the Broncos should stay in Queensland and donate their travel expenses to charity. Saying that I tipped the draw after Golden Point
  6. Lambretta

    2020 R7 Fri - Roosters 26-12 Dragons @ Bankwest

    Rumour is Roosters will rest one Morris and Tedesco with other Morris at fullback and Maubs and Hall out wide Ploddy plod plod That should even things up
  7. Lambretta

    2020 R3 Thu - Broncos 6-34 Eels @ Suncorp

    Get a dog. I get up at 5.40, shower, dress and walk the mutt for 40 minutes. Breakfast, another walk, coffee, then sit down to work at 8.30. 8,000 steps done by the time my working day starts
  8. Lambretta

    2020 R3 Thu - Broncos 6-34 Eels @ Suncorp

    I am loving the footy being back So far the 6 again calls have sped things up and made the game far more free flowing The 1 ref is controlling the game well All in all a resounding success so far
  9. Lambretta

    The Sydney Football Stadium bids for $60 million makeover

    Exactly. Look at the Stadium on the Gold Coast. Brilliant stadium linked to a rail line from erm, Brisbane. If you live on the Gold Coast its near impossible to get to
  10. Lambretta

    Top 20 Most Devastating Players of the NRL Era - Who ya got?

    Morley Tallis Taumololo Bugess Sonny Bill Williams Hodges Wiki Inglis Fittler Johns Mattai Lauiti'iti A Minichiello T Carroll Jeremy Smith Sailor Tedesco S Price Vatuvai Radradra Probably not the most concise list but these guys could all play
  11. Lambretta

    2020 All Stars - Indigenous 16-30 Maori Kiwis @ Cbus Super

    Welcome back Rugby League How I have missed thee
  12. Lambretta

    Latrell (officially signs with Souths 13/1/20)

    I had forgotten Clint is at Souths If any coach could keep him on track it's him For Latrells sake I hope he goes to Souths As a Roosters fan, it will be shit seeing him wear their colours, but I can live with it. Any other club would be a massive gamble for him professionally and probably...

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