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    Because the ball isn't in the scrum for long enough. Sure, the very occasional one-off attempt has been made to do this (push in the scrum), but it won't become the norm. Either the 'contesting' side would be pinged for pushing too early, else their forwards would be locked in together longer...
  2. LazyDreamer


    Once they're forced to select no-names with maybe half a dozen NRL games under their belts, it's a waste of space. Have been to quite a few bush games. Trials have more atmosphere than the City/Country game. The C/C standard of footy is at best no better than a club game. More clubs doing a...
  3. LazyDreamer

    Widdop "Try"

    I assume by 'marker' you mean in this case 'dummy half'? In any case, DCE was nowhere in position to even be considered dummy half, regardless of who grabbed who. Bit different if he's grabbed, pushed or knocked as he's getting to the ruck but seriously, he was a mile away and there were other...
  4. LazyDreamer

    RL Man Crush

    Way back when Josh Morris was a Dragon, I'd have waded nostril-deep through a lake of vomit just to wank over his shadow. Not Brett Morris though. That lad is ugly.
  5. LazyDreamer

    2017 Judiciary & Match Review

    Burgess should have had an additional charge of bringing the game into disrepute, based on his embarrassing attempts to land a punch after the elbow.