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  1. Life's Good

    PF2 Panthers vs Rabbits

    Best of luck next week Panthers fans. You’ll deservedly have a lot of neutral support. Enjoy the build up.
  2. Life's Good

    2020 SF 1 - Roosters 18-22 Raiders @ SCG

    For the Roosters, this is looking uglier than last drinks at Skelseys.
  3. Life's Good

    RIP Dean Jones

    Absolutely shocked by this. A massive part of my 80’s cricket viewing. That double ton in Madras..... RIP Deano
  4. Life's Good

    2020 R20 Thu - Broncos 16-32 Cowboys @ Suncorp

    Came here for the comments. Certainly not disappointed
  5. Life's Good

    He's gone

  6. Life's Good

    2020 R13 Thu - Dragons 16-24 Roosters @ WIN

    Dragons defence is in isolation with Vaughan
  7. Life's Good

    KaTOEni Staggs

    As soft as the Broncos defence.
  8. Life's Good

    2020 R12 Thu - Dragons 24-32 Rabbitohs @ Netstrata Jubilee

    Saints going much better since I stopped posting. See you all at the GF after party.
  9. Life's Good

    2020 R11 Fri - Broncos 8-46 Storm @ Suncorp

    This game is shaping up as peak Mike Tyson vs. Eddie the Eagle in a bare knuckle fist fight.
  10. Life's Good

    2020 R10 Fri - Wests Tigers 48-0 Broncos @ Leichhardt

    I’m hearing Qld are about to close the borders to keep the Broncos out.
  11. Life's Good

    2020 R5 Sun - Dragons 30-16 Sharks @ Campbelltown

    Just noticed the Sharks haircuts. More mullets than you’d find at the Deni ute muster.
  12. Life's Good

    2020 R5 Sun - Dragons 30-16 Sharks @ Campbelltown

    Sharks sending a big FU to Flanagan by keeping McGregor employed

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