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  • Trumpet Boy is alive and well running amuck building media profile and lifting for the Knights Crusade! Press and radio this week on ABC Radio, NX-FM and talked to Danny on 2HD this morning and front page Scone Advocate. Slowly muscling in on Newcastle media - been awhile since I had control there but I know people in high places to press press buttons. What a debarcle in QLD but probably set up. Broncos marketing said there were no seats left in Away supporters area - ah, plenty that I could see - thanks Lisa and friend for ticket behind posts and close to Channel 9 camera - and Steve and friend - forgive me for not remembering all names - medical condition -but unfortunately hooked before I could attrack their (camera) attention. Could have been different if we had been allowed a voice. I was so drained after the game headache and feeling sick. Security nazis killed Captain Goodvibes - couldn't make it to the pub and 6am flight back to Newcastle for Scone Thoroughbreds Junior presentation day at 12 noon. You guys all rock and Knights management are coming around - I wont give up on you. Trust, repect, and cheers,
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