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  1. Marchad

    Jets 2022

    He wasn’t even in the field of play when he grounded the ball
  2. Marchad


    Has convinced the authorities that he took the coke for festive purposes and not to improve his sporting abilities. Is now allowed to return to playing rugby league.
  3. Marchad

    Cronulla covid crisis

    Covid the most pissweak virus ever. All I had was a headache and body soreness for 1/2 a day.
  4. Marchad

    Game Day - Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks vs. Gold Coast Titans

    How can you impede someone from the outside.
  5. Marchad

    2023 contracted team

    I’m pretty sure Kyrell Iro will be one of our centres next year.
  6. Marchad

    OT: Dead hard rockers week

    I know he wasn’t a Sharks player. Rocky Laurie has passed away.
  7. Marchad

    Lachlan Miller

    He has jumped over Trindall in the coming on in the middle when the opposition forwards are tired stakes.
  8. Marchad

    Dame gay v Titans.

    Toby is hanging out too wide in attack.
  9. Marchad

    Dame gay v Titans.

    And just too think we Tolman to come on off the bench.
  10. Marchad

    Game day thread Scomo vs The Albos

    Even if there is one. We will never get told the outcome. Just like the Woods royal commission with the 25 names (which includes 2 former Prime Ministers). That got a 99 year suppression order.
  11. Marchad

    Game day thread Scomo vs The Albos

    I opposed it as I was more for keep the economy running and tell people what they need to do to strengthen their immune systems. As the economy can’t be stopped without many trains being derailed in the process.
  12. Marchad

    Game day thread Scomo vs The Albos

    Hahahahaha. There won’t be one.
  13. Marchad

    Game day thread Scomo vs The Albos

    So who else is going to identify as a woman and resurrect their NRL ambitions in the NRLW.
  14. Marchad

    OT - OTHER GAMES 2022

    No they’re a good team. They’re better than us they’ve a better forward pack. They’ve a better hooker their backline is better than ours and they’ve a better game manager. Chad could go down as buy of the year.

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