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    Tariq Sims

    Just finished reading the article on Fox Sports and had to come in and check on comments. Very much agree with your summary, especially the last paragraph. Hook, if anything, is proving to be a great laundryman if anything - the roster has needed a wash & a rinse for some time now. We have a...
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    Sims staying on will go either one of two directions - he'll either rip it up in hope of attracting suitors for 2023 or it will end up with him running around in reserve grade, maybe very least 18th man. To be honest, best advice is to follow in the footsteps of his brothers and go finish up...
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    Biggest changes needed in 2022

    Mitch Rein off contract and seemingly playing for his life at the moment. Maybe we should take a look? Whoops?!
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    At Last, some Ruthlessness in Management

    I agree with the ruthless approach the club is taking on Sims (and has taken with a host of others this year). Since Origin he hasn't been the same, and has also been off the boil with his discipline. But we should also be ambitious in this situation as well. If Panthers win the comp, offer...
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    Strike 2 to Hook ?

    Hmmm? I commented prior to the season commencing (with regards to the at the time unfolding McInnes and Folau situations) that some of the decisions and direction that Hook was going to take this year were going to come from left field, and that a lot of those decisions and directions were not...
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    Michael Maguire Tiger Town

    I really do hope our players watched it - and if not then hopefully it gets shown at a video review session. How many times in the last 11 years have we suddenly played dud teams back into form, despite being ahead of them on the table at the time? Agree - it is a reflection on how we are...
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    King Gutho

    Gutherson is a great centre / three-quarter (at no more than $700-750k per season) in a team which has any one of the above named full backs in it as well (and maybe add Nicho Hynes into that list too).
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    Sack Griffin

    Posted about this in the 2022 signings/re-signings thread, but it's probably equally relevant here. No elite level player is going to touch us with a 10 foot barge pole, and there is no guarantee on Sullivan & Amone lighting it up this off-season to warrant a permanent start in the 6 jersey...
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Mbye is unfortunately a needed signing because no one else will touch us with a 10 foot barge pole, and there is no guarantee on Sullivan & Amone lighting it up this off-season to warrant a permanent start in the 6 jersey. They have not had the miles in the legs due to reserve grade being...
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    Round 21 v Raiders

    No need to say anymore ! Spot on, and an accurate reflection towards last nights game and our overall season.
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    Sack Griffin

    While we are creating lists - can we also get the names of how many assistants and backroom staff were also hired & subsequently moved on under Mary? Be good for comparison purposes with what Hook does as time goes on. Biggest concern of Marys' recruitment & junior lists - I can honestly say...
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    Round 21 v Raiders

    21 man extended squad for Friday: 1. Sloan 2. Feagai (Matt) 3. Bird 4. Lomax 5. Ravalawa 6. Sullivan 7. B Hunt 8. Lawrie 9. McCullough 10. de Belin 11. Burns 12. Sims 13. McGuire 14. Amone 15. Faamausili 16. Kerr 17. J Hunt 18. Clune 19. Ford 20. Alvaro 21. Ramsay NOTES: Fuimaono will...
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    Round 20 v Rabbits

    I won't fault the effort of Sloan, Bud and Amone. Made the best of the circumstances. Lack of game time was always going to be the catalyst tonight. Norman has hopefully embarrassed the jersey for the last time. We must now pick the team based on forward thinking. Keep playing the youth and...
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    Round 20 v Rabbits

    I guess North QLD, ACT and VIC would be the options. Not sure how feasible the other states are given time zone differences in terms of broadcasting. V'Landys and the NRL will move heaven and earth to keep this comp alive I'm sure. See, further to my now edited post... I'm sure the biosecurity...
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    Round 20 v Rabbits

    NSW 'one week snap lockdown' (limited LGAs) has turned into what is looking like a two month total lockdown for the most populous parts of the state. VIC 'five day snap lockdown' turned into just a tad over two weeks. QLD 'three day snap lockdown' is currently TBA on it's actual end date - the...

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