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Recent content by mighty red and whites

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    Commentators your best and worst

    Hadley the worst by the length of the straight
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    Your Top 8 and Grand Final Pick

    Penrith Rabbits Storm Roosters Raiders Eels Titans Knights Rabbits v Pennies
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    Why are we home to all the Rejects.

    To be fair we have been doing this long before Mary was coach. But agree no coming to play under him..
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    Johnston or Norman - Who would u rather

    And ounces of everthing else
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    Bye for now!

    All the best mate, fight the son the of a bitch and beat it...
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    See Ya Soon

    All the best mate
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    Moses Suli

    its Not the public saying hes lazy its he last 2 clubs.. And after seeing him in the paper looking like hes sponsed by KFC iam thinking the virtriol and garbage could be 100% on the money no ??
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    O/T So proud

    Cheers mate.
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    O/T So proud

    Cheers mate..
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    O/T So proud

    Concrads mate..My Nephew made the Panthers Harold Matts also, we played them 2 weeks ago in a trail. Anyway good luck to him mate hope he goes on and plays first grade..
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    Its always is haha..