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miguel de cervantes

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  • Hey champ, are you still in Europe ? I am in Paris at the moment and was hoping to try and catch a Sunday Rugby League match if possible.
    Regards Juan
    Mate are you on Twitter or anything like that? would be good to hook up with a fellow conneseur of french rugby league.
    NRL thread "Ten things Rugby owes League"
    #9 France -

    Read it and tell me if its true.

    Basicially did NAZI occupation of France during WWII harm league and promote union?!
    Ciao Miguel
    I will write in english but could do it in italian as you preferr for future.

    So at the moment any subscription to is closed, to obtain an account you have to write to Ciccamoschi at writing him that you want to join the forum giving him a valid a-mail address and two or three nickname to be used as log in.

    I think that you already posted some messages as MiguelDeCervantes as I saw some of your posts, if you have lost your password may be you can have your account back writing him.

    It will be a pleasure to read some more post in that bunker where we are put :)

    If you have any difficulty (no reply or anything else) contact me at, I will do my best to help.

    Thanks a lot for your interest. Cheers Matteo
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