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Recent content by Minh

  1. Minh

    The Blues

    I think if they had a fully fit Jonathan Thurston we'd be in trouble especially with the momentum they had by coming back over the top......This is a big game and a very winnable game......
  2. Minh

    Who Would You Want Back?

    Bird and Leilua....
  3. Minh

    Laughing after the game!

    So true, to the players in the modern game it's for the most part just a business, sad but true.....
  4. Minh

    Why the Panic!

    Unless there is a miracle turnaround, we are no chance of winning the comp this year.....from contenders to pretenders, a bitter pill to swallow. I've enjoyed the highs early in the season and loathe the recent losses, injury derailed us at first and now with our full squad back we are playing...
  5. Minh

    Is a ball playing fullback required?

    Still young and developing, needs to be given time.....
  6. Minh

    Is a ball playing fullback required?

    Even though he's small, I don't know why opposition teams still keep targeting French with the high ball, he's as safe as a bank under the high ball which is a must if you are a smaller winger or else you will get exposed. I guess a high ball close to the try line in a catch and score situation...
  7. Minh

    Is a ball playing fullback required?

    With his speed he can probably do a Bevan French and start out on the wing, there is still a place for small speedy wingers in the game.....
  8. Minh

    Is a ball playing fullback required?

    Mann should get first shot at fullback next year....a proper go at it......
  9. Minh

    Kurt Mann for 2 or 3 years

    Great news and an excellent re-signing, I hope he can nail down a top 13 spot for next year.....
  10. Minh

    Signing News

    Brad Fitler would be close to the best young player I saw in his debut season....
  11. Minh

    And now are you glad we have signed Ben Hunt ?

    Hunt is a star, way better all round player than Milf. He's the best half outside of Thurston and Cronk......
  12. Minh

    Has the Squad over performed up to this point of the season ?

    we have gone from 100 to 1 in round one to 13 to yes we have overachieved.
  13. Minh


    The fact that we are even in the mix this year as a contender is astonishing in itself.....we play a very physical brand of footy and it's taking its toll at the moment. We need to find that second wind and fast.....
  14. Minh


    It's a worry that we seem so flat of energy the last game but I'm not giving up yet, every team can have slumps and I just hope we snap out of it and real quick....
  15. Minh

    When was the last time we had speed in our backline

    I think our 99 side with Mundine, Blacklock and Ainscough will probably be our quickest team in recent times. When we had Walford and Offiah that was our quickest wing combination in the last 30 years however we've never really been that quick as a team from memory dating back to the mid to late...