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Recent content by Moffo

  1. Moffo

    Ranking the clubs fullbacks

    Needs more Sam perrett
  2. Moffo

    This or that?

    Boardwalk Gary Glitter or Rolf Harris
  3. Moffo

    Who was better?

    Shelton mum Chris candido vs pitbull #2
  4. Moffo

    Who was better?

    Lesnar Linda McMahon vs Vicki Guerrero
  5. Moffo

    The Swamp II

    Tough break guys...don't mean to disrespect but you guys should've done more with your refurb. What you built there looks horrible IMO
  6. Moffo

    Pet hates in gyms

    People who stare at my pecks
  7. Moffo

    This or that?

    Bull semen Scooby or scrappy doo?
  8. Moffo

    Who was better?

    Shield Konnan or Marc Mero
  9. Moffo

    Best club side since 1988 (without rep players)

    Ian hind marsh played for NSW no?
  10. Moffo

    Best club side since 1988 (without rep players)

    Dogs look strong...we've never had a lot of rep players in our team for some reason :roll: I would maybe have patmore in there over marteenee but that is being picky Good idea for a thread though.
  11. Moffo

    This or that?

    Rump El Diablo or getting violated by a meerkat
  12. Moffo


  13. Moffo

    OT: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

    Someone must have had it in for him, as if he is the only one
  14. Moffo

    Relegation for Sydney clubs?

    Yes Yes Yes!
  15. Moffo

    '13 WC | Semi Final | New Zealand 20-18 England | Wembley

    England win this in a clarry canter