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  1. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Wellington SHOULD be the next NRL team.

    All valid points. Wellington should be 3rd in line after Perth and Q4. However the point about Kearney just makes me lose respect
  2. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Superthread XXV

    Baz you're one of the few that probably remembers that name, is God-King, Eele etc still around?
  3. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Why do people from different races have different penis sizes?

    Going by popular myth... African's would be the largest & Asians the smallest. Not to offend anyone, but most would agree Africans as a whole are more 'masculine' than any other race - as in even the women, on average, have certain masculine qualities about them than women from other races. On...
  4. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Superthread XXV

    lol life ban? what could I have possibly done deserving a life ban lol...! (although a couple of suspensions for some other fake trolling accounts)
  5. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Superthread XXV

    funny, I'm in one now! :) <3 Bali
  6. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Superthread XXV

    its been a long time LU/FFB - good to recognise some old faces, and a massive hello to the new :)
  7. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Hot Woman Thread #5

    as the creator of the original HWT, am so glad to see that its still kicking on - and happy to see someone post Alison Brie - great show, and she's so damn attractive in the 2nd paintball ep!
  8. Mr. Fahrenheit

    4 nations game 7 - 4 nations final - ENG V AUS

    If you're going on form, you'd have to throw Slater into that mix. If you are going on class & ability - Lockyer > all.
  9. Mr. Fahrenheit

    4 nations game 7 - 4 nations final - ENG V AUS

    LOL @ anyone suggesting JT is far and above Lockyer... it's nigh on impossible to compare them both, and if you go on history with IRL games - Lockyer has been the greatest from any nation as far as I'm concerned. Agree with most posters that Heighington should sit out, and that Widdop should...
  10. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Superthread XIX

    Wow. I haven't been here in so long it was still like on superthread 7 iirc... how are we all?
  11. Mr. Fahrenheit

    North should replace Hauritz as frontline spinner - MacGill

    I actually am in complete agreeance with MacGill, i don't see why people are rubbishing him on this... he makes a lot of valid points. 1. As JJ said, Hauritz is picked in a containment role, his stats are similar to that of North's (despite North probably devoting very little time to this art...
  12. Mr. Fahrenheit

    Big Financial News coming out tomorrow

    I can't believe that this thread is still going. Absolute classic :lol:.
  13. Mr. Fahrenheit

    North a captaincy bolter as Clarke's popularity wanes

    Katich should've been captain years ago, in fact if they should even hand the reigns over to him now. However, as a replacement for Clarke as 'future-captain' - his age rules him out maybe, although i wouldn't mind it for a few years. I'm not completely against Clarke atm either, and i would...
  14. Mr. Fahrenheit

    If England lose...

    No, but its a shame. I think that thats how it it should work, gives incentive to next weeks fixtures... (atleast it would have, if the Aus V NZ game was the Tournament opener, with Eng V NZ being next week)
  15. Mr. Fahrenheit

    1st ODI: Australia v Sri Lanka at Melbourne Nov 3 2010

    Clarke; Given that he said Smith was injured, i don't really think he did too much wrong tonight... I agree with Mark Nicholas, he should've brought himself, f**k, even the likes of Hussey or Cameron White before giving the ball back to Siddle or Johnson, atleast Hastings was fairly economical...