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  1. MrBlack

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Let me fix that for you, they shouldn’t even be in the same sentence.
  2. MrBlack

    most overrated player at your own club - current & all-time

    Not Fair - Any club that Darius played for is at a distinct advantage in this thread, because no mater how bad a player you think he is, you are still over rating him
  3. MrBlack

    General Discussion Thread

    I dont mind our small stadium. id like to think that even from my elevated seat the players can actually hear me yell at them. My way of influencing the game. (And if they can hear me so can the ref!!!!!)
  4. MrBlack

    General Discussion Thread

    Same - i've been sitting in the same seats there since the stand opened (about 35 years ago). Its my 40th renewal all up Looks like a big year. I dont mind the crowds, its the lines at the bar that are my biggest fear.......
  5. MrBlack

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    What was the severity of Tago's injury?? I cant find anything on it
  6. MrBlack

    Rumours and Stuff

    Been reading this forum for a few weeks now and enjoying the conversation. my observations as a fan from another club is 1. let Moses go. Not sure he is your mesiah 2. Let D Brown be the main man 3. Sign a value half. I’m thinking a Fogerty type player 4. Invest in an x-factor fullback. You...
  7. MrBlack

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    To me it looks like our players are struggling to get themselves up for the World Cup. Weve had a long long season in all grades (that only finished a few weeks ago). They can be excused for taking their foot off the pedal a little. Soni will be fine once he returns to Aus, has a break and...
  8. MrBlack

    World Cup 2022 discussion

    We could play it next week. Our team is pretty much all there already
  9. MrBlack

    Des looking shaky at Manly

    Manly - the new basket case of the NRL. Will have trouble attracting players now
  10. MrBlack

    Des looking shaky at Manly

    Not much "pride" left in the jersey now.....
  11. MrBlack

    Des looking shaky at Manly

    @ Manly - ”Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”
  12. MrBlack

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    lets hope Ivan gets the credit he deserves for the whole season prep. not to be understated as well is the fact that Nathan missed 9 games.
  13. MrBlack

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    I think Sorrenson is hugely underrated. (Maybe not so much now) Would love to see him replace Kikau.
  14. MrBlack

    2022 Grand Final. Penrith v Parramatta

    Every article, news report and fluff piece is on Parra. We are going into this so low key. Plays right into our hands.
  15. MrBlack

    New stadium - 2025

    If found to be remotely correct, its the biggest scandal in any sport in Australia. Beggers beleif that there would be any truth to it...

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