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  1. nick87

    Why do merged clubs perform so poorly?

    No heart, soul, history or fans hard to be successful team when it's built on nothing.
  2. nick87

    Best Premiers in the last 16 years?

    1. Every 2. Premiership 3. Winning 4. Team 5. Overcame 6. Adversity 7. And won 8. The 9. Premiership 10. Fairly. 11. They 12. Should 13. All 14. Be 15. Celebrated 16. 2016 Sharks
  3. nick87

    Rumoured Signings

    They'll be giving a fat old discount, friend You can take that to the bank. They handed out an obscene contract, which every man and his dog (or should that be except the dogs? ahaha) called out at the time that it was a bad deal... and here we are, 1 year in and they want a redo I would bet...
  4. nick87

    Rumoured Signings

    Haha who could have seen this coming?!
  5. nick87

    Redcliffe Dolphins recruitment targets

    Ponga will go for sure it's a fait accompli
  6. nick87

    Official: Redcliffe Dolphins to join NRL in 2023

    its a solid colour scheme
  7. nick87

    The 700 Level - Home of the Ginger Jesus.

    5 games down, 7 more to go If Wentz can get through 13 games, it's 3 first round picks for Howie to blow on people who cant play Need the colts to start winning some games and sticking around the AFC S race
  8. nick87

    2021 NFL Week 4

    Agreed. Utterly bizarre performance from them. Might be a bit like that packers week 1 where you just pretend it doesnt exist unless it starts to reoccur
  9. nick87

    2021 NFL Week 4

    I have never seen a more washed QB in my entire life than Big Ben right now... you'd have no idea if Matt Canada's offence was good, bad or indifferent because Ben cant actually play the QB position anymore the way he wants to and he's too obstinate to change the way he plays and do more stuff...
  10. nick87

    2021 NFL Week 4

    Little fella absolutely stuffed the rams into a locker. Quite a statement win by them
  11. nick87

    2021 High Rollers Fantasy League

    I cant believe i did a lot of what i did
  12. nick87

    2021 High Rollers Fantasy League

    I had both rated similarly and planned to get exposure to both because i was sure one of them was going to blow up... and f**k me if Kupp wasnt taken 1-2 spots ahead of me every damn time and now all i've got is Woods stock haha
  13. nick87

    2021 NFL Week 3

    Its not a HUGE change for me, used to watch it at work on my phone since i had my desk set up that allowed me to do that fairly covertly But yeah, now it's just front and centre... delightful
  14. nick87

    NRL issue Penrith breach notice over trainer incident

    Hahah, isn't that just perfect? You're like Homer Simpson - "ohh he card read good!"

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