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Nicolas Hart
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  • G'day Nick.

    Yeah mate, I can probably help you out. I used to be a graphic designer years ago, and I do enjoy doing fun little things like this and the graphics stuff for Joondalup Giants (I redesigned, or more to the point, updated the Giants logo a couple of seasons ago, have designed next year's 20th Anniversary logo, and have turned to playing with jersey/kit designs for Joondalup!).

    Mate, no money is needed as far as I'm concerned. Obviously if you're gonna get stuff printed, then the printer will need money, but what I'll do (if indeed anything is going to be printed) is send you through any files you need and you can take them to whichever printer you want, ect. Basically, I do it for the fun of it and that's all.

    What are your ideas for this logo? I'm sure you have a good eye for design, so I'm keen to hear your ideas!

    Speak soon.
    - Andrew
    Hi Nicolas, can you pm me your email and I'll get something written for the website.
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