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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    :shock: So one weekend where results seem to swing the other way and all is good. ? Dont get sucked into a system that can use a band-aid to smooth results. I mean the last video ref call in the Warriors Broncos game is a true fact of how faked-up this code really is. The Broncos player...
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    [/B] Agree. 100% agree. To be honest, i would love for the NRL to try a points system for players ratings and what they are worth. Lets take money, FAKING MONEY out of the system for buying and selling. Lets dare to dream, lets dare to be bold and introduce something different, new even,.
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    Paul Kent: NRL salary cap isn't working

    That is too easy. The NRL and the managers would want to complicate it to a stage where nobody could understand the system and every club could rort the rules. Good idea, but you would have to make the points system 1-20. A superstar should be on 15 points or more. A junior superstar...
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    The Super League-ARL war will mark its 20th anniversary this coming Wednesday

    Do farts have lumps, asked the son. So today as it stands we are 20 years behind where we should be, with a 1 billion dollar TV deal, we still are learning from other codes.
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    Well said, You know what the real problem is, our faking systems and rules and set-ups are all outdated relics of the past that just are not and dont work in the modern world. The only old value left in the modern world is Radio city hall, and that is for the romantics. Our game needs...
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    I better post this here, they are after me Captain. The game has taken the fun off the fans, and the fans are now confronted with a video ref they cant trust. The captains challenge will put the fans back in control, the fans at the game. And this is how you regain the fans confidence, and...
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    Do any players get better after leaving Storm?

    Lesson number one. Dont buy any Storm Manly or now Bulldogs ex-players. There is a reason why these coaches get rid of them. The dragons are stacked with mofo's from other teams.
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    It just goes to show. All those fans on here who whinge about crowds, refs, players misbehaving, the marketing, promotion and people in charge of our code who dont seem to have a clue what they are doing,. are looking vindicated. Greeny-burg and ref boss along with committee's trying to...
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    NRL star players caught brawling on Sydney street

    Roosters will buy them.
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    There are a few teams i dont bother to watch. Roosters, Manly, Dogs and Bunnies i try to avoid. These teams have too many international players compared to other teams. I prefer to watch a more balanced comp and enjoy teams like panthers raiders, dragons, storm, broncos, cows and knights etc...
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    They got robbed against Manly. Cronulla need to cut out the dirty crap they dishing up. Gallen really needs to retire. He lashes out in every tackle while he has the ball, palming players in the head, and without the ball he always uses his forearm or elbow to give them facials. It is not...
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    Gold Coast to do something they've never done before

    Gold coast flyweights. Softcocks or dribblers. :)
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    While fans are locked into protecting and sticking up for our declining crowds, our poorly run clubs with little support bases, our code will continue to decline. Expand to Perth, bring in another Brisbane team to play out of Suncorp, not some small backward ground, and a second Auckland team...
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    Caption Time

    MinTOoooooo get off ya flog. OOOOOOoooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOO MINTOOOOOOoooooo
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    Redneck Redfaces 2

    Debbie Spillane has written a very good piece today. Released from the professional responsibility of spending hours every day thinking about the issues in rugby league, I’ve realised how sick of those issues I really am. Because they are the same old issues and they’ve been done...

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