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  1. O

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Charlie might be feeling the effects of the grind of a full NRL season, however ,he is no smaller the Campbell (Titans) or Laurie or Paps. But I agree Crichton looks the goods at FB.
  2. O

    Panthers v Parra

    All this Drama could have the NRL slot Round 1, 2022 "Battle of the West, Spite Night". Anyway when is Brad Arthur going to realise the Ex Panthers in his squad are "Ex" for a reason.
  3. O

    2021 Preliminary Semifinal V Storm

    These journos should revisit the 2020 GF, watch how many times Bellamy had the game stopped for fake HIA, (coincided with the Panthers getting some momentum), but its OK for Bellamy because News Corp. part owns the Storm.
  4. O

    Penrith v Souths semi final

    Same old thing, as soon as we Burned our challenge , the Ref...aah who cares. It may be a benefit to continue playing rather than have a week off , especially if the weather conditions are like last night.
  5. O

    Round 23 V Souths

    That was the first game in 4 weeks where the Ref. did not "Manage" the opposition back into the game. Refer Roosters game, as soon as Panthers burnt their Captains Challenge, the ref. did his best.
  6. O

    General Discussion Thread

    Whatever happened to Bulldogs Ogden . Injured or not fitting the Barret syndrome.
  7. O

    Round 22 Vs Dragons

    Trent Robinson did his usual "Woe is Us" in the press conference , so the MRC had to find some fault during the game to appease him. No other reason .
  8. O

    Round 21 - The Roosters

    Naden and Capewell defending together will be a Hoot. Roosters will be licking their beaks.
  9. O

    Round 20 v Storm

    Capewell leaves a lot to be desired. Misses a lot of tackles , ineffective carries , but the experts on here don't criticise him?
  10. O

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Please don't kick me off the forum, but, would Kyle Flanagan be a quick fix on short term loan?
  11. O

    NSW Origin

    Guilty, as well. Don't worry about Franklin, he has Direct Opposite Syndrome.
  12. O

    2021 season

    Taking into account the injury to Cleary , how many comp. points would we need to finish top 4? Currently 26 + 2 for the bye, 4 home games remaining.
  13. O

    NSW Origin

    Whats the bet cheeky Luai gets Crawleys Beef of the Week?
  14. O

    NSW Origin

    Must be going to use the same Ref. from Womens SOO.
  15. O

    NSW Origin

    Qld. should focus on 50-6 , not 1 player.

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