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  • I'd love to come back, but I think the mods are sick of dealing with all the whining pricks who complain about me all the time!
    Since I am banned from the main forums you couldn't tell me if the 44000 crowd at ANZ today was a expected or was it more/less.
    Shame about a Roosters v Souths GF.
    Gday mate - look under the Parra team thread - you, or anyone you know, want this signed eels jersey? I got it off a bloke in Jacksonville who was holding it as collarteral from Steve Gormley back in 2002. I am downsizing my world and have no where to put it
    Has there been any mention of TV coverage of the RLWC over there? SKY haven't mentioned it at all..... have just launched on-line streaming and archives options
    They say I can watch Championship RL mention yet of RLWC.....
    Must say since putting the c**k sucking irish mut Gutterfax on ignore my anger levels have decreased. I have a low tolerance for wankers that think they know what they are talking about because they have skim read a wiki page.
    Hey mate

    I was just reading in the international forums about how things are going for you at the moment..

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that even though we have had our disagreements in the past that you are a top bloke and I hope everything turns out for you.

    All the best champ
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