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  1. ParraEelsNRL

    NSW Police Commissioner Fuller helped design the Premiership ring (not satire)

    Dear me, looks like I'm the one that has to point out the obvious. I think James Mason was a good actor as well.
  2. ParraEelsNRL

    2021 SF 2 Sat - Penrith 8-6 Parramatta @ BB Print

    Never hear me say this again, GO MANLY, for all that seems to be good in this upside down world.
  3. ParraEelsNRL

    How are Storm the most popular club?

  4. ParraEelsNRL

    2021 EF 2 Sun - Parramatta 28-20 Newcastle @ Browne

    They'll make him commentator and give him a gig on a show like Fatty.
  5. ParraEelsNRL

    News Coronavirus and NRL

  6. ParraEelsNRL

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    f**king commos.
  7. ParraEelsNRL

    Fitzy's league Sledge

    He's an overopinionated never was who has a superiority complex about everything in his life including if it is close to him or irrelevant, he has to have his voice heard....... Just an older version of a modern day social justice warrior, which quite frankly, is the worst version. He is a...
  8. ParraEelsNRL

    France wants to host 2025 World Cup

    Oh so negative. The whole game from the idiots running it to the so called supporters esp in the UK are so negative, I guess you get what you wish for. No wonder I have only watched 1 game in the last 8 months.
  9. ParraEelsNRL

    "It’s very realistic to say that we’ll have a second team in Brisbane in 2023": V'landys

    Does anyone like the name Cassowary involved somewhere? We all know of that evil "thing". Aren't they mostly from QLD?
  10. ParraEelsNRL

    Top Karen Moments of Quarantine That Went Viral

    Aaron, they are called Aaron. Karen and Aaron.
  11. ParraEelsNRL

    WA- did we miss the boat ?

    LOL I bet Jeremy Schloss hasn't forgotten.
  12. ParraEelsNRL

    AFL logos on everyday items

    Stops me buying it tbph.
  13. ParraEelsNRL

    Government decides to give more money to union

    Don't have to pay as much back and not have it building and hanging over their head for a longer time. It's a possitive.
  14. ParraEelsNRL

    No QLD Team In The Finals - First Time Since 1991

    Is this the same dude that when he left the police force, his former colleagues gave him a bag of dog food as a pissing off present? Haha, wow that's bad, corrupt people thinking one of their own is the biggest mutt and as usual, ends up being a pollie.