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  • Hey...saw there was a PM from you, saw the title, went to read it, and it vanished?!?

    Anyway...I don't know of any issues. It seems to be working fine to me!

    Just took a while to convince the Mrs. His grandather (myDad) is wrapt as he is a staunch leaguie i.e. ex player / ref and life member of local club.
    Probably does not matter too much at this stage, as long as he gets a coach that understands he hasn't played before and will need a little extra time and lots of encouragement.

    My personal preference in the longer term would be Mt Albert, but there is nothing wrong with Ellerslie at all. Most Auckland clubs have good junior development.

    Good stuff on getting him in.
    Yeah mate. Apparently there was some problem with the site host in America, but EF reckons he'll have it back up and running in a few days. Hang tight! :)
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