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$$Poor Boy Blues$$
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    1. $$Poor Boy Blues$$
      $$Poor Boy Blues$$
      the trouble has always been apathetic sydney fans. if you have presented a viable end-state for the competition, then it must be moved toward immediately; and no matter how small the steps, they must be made so we can progress toward that state.

      An evolutionary example. One always forgets in cases like these that bodies and brains die. But teams live on like genes. In 100 years, given that our end state is reached, who will be alive to remember that which went before?

      The challenge then is to make progressive steps toward the end state, while not losing too much support. Some support loss is necessary, sure...not everyone loves league, just the team. Much effort needs to continued to be placed into juniors, as one would think that young people aged 8-20 are the ones who will carry the torch forward. They dont care about what team so much their father supported....just like a child of non-english speaking parents won't grow up not speaking english....children embrace things new to them...adults less so.

      Thats my view, and hey, some people hate it, because they can't imagine anything different....but lets take imagination for just a minute.....you can only imagine with the base of what your brain currently has....people cant see an alternate future to league on this board, sometimes because they are not trying, sometimes because they dont have the ingredients (i.e they are not imaginative enough)....but others can.
    2. $$Poor Boy Blues$$
      $$Poor Boy Blues$$
      Sounds right!

      now someone needs to steer the ship
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    "The Victorian game may be the best game of football, but if it is so manifestly superior, one would fancy it could plead its own cause, and not require advertising like a quack pill." quote from 1930's