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Recent content by Pork Hunt

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    Mighty pennies v the tigpies

    Cannot wait until the Panthers choke like Capewell's offsider. Going to be funny AF getting on here and rubbing it in. Panthers fans are nervous already, Storm are going to pillage you merkins. Tiktok tiktok, it's going to be pissfunny watching you Merkins cry into your goonbags in a few months time.
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    Mighty pennies v the tigpies

    Wooden spoon as in what? You blokes have collected a few.
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    Mighty pennies v the tigpies

    And you blokes have only won 1 more! 2 premierships in 54 seasons hey lol, that's quite the strike rate.
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    Mighty pennies v the tigpies

    An injury plague hasn't even struck the Panthers for the last year and a half. I sense more tears before bedtime before this season ends for the Peni's and their loyal gang of teethless followers.
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    Mighty pennies v the tigpies

    The real kicker is funnily enough the Tigers have won a premiership more recently than Penrith. I wouldn't begrudge the Panthers getting to the GF for the next 5 years straight. As long as they lose them all😉
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    Mighty pennies v the tigpies

    My bad. Luke was the other Capewell who played for Souths. The one who DIDN'T get a gobby off a dude. Apologies.
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    Mighty pennies v the tigpies

    Attention all Panthers fans: Luke Capewell has politely requested that you all form an orderly line and proceed to man the glory hole. He's still a bit shattered from the last week or so and needs to find his happy place.
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    Opinion Penrith

    You asking for your brah Kurt Capewell? He'd be the bloke in the know about those sorts of fantastic things. Give him a call sometime.
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    Opinion Joseph Suaalii is being set up to fail

    Realistic. Go ahead and beat off to the Suaali commentary all you like if that's what floats your boat.
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    Could souffs seconds make the 8?

    March premiers Parra April premiers Raiders Chokers tag, probably Lichaa's mrs.
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    Opinion Joseph Suaalii is being set up to fail

    Zero shits given about Suaali here. My concerns and respect are more directed towards a young kid coming from a disadvantaged background trying to make a fist out of his life by getting up at 3am for a couple of hour commute to work in a warehouse getting paid $10 an hour. Not some upstart with...
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    Racial abuse allegations

    Vaginas around the country will be up in arms (if they had any).
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    2020 R11 Thu - Eels 26-16 Wests Tigers @ Bankwest

    Elbow?? Lol, righto: his elbow went nowhere near him.
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    Player Lookalikes

    Which one was the whinging c**k who kicked stones at the Sharks until he got his way?
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    Irony from Cameron Smith

    One of the Warriors staff should of locked the door and let the whole team kick the crap out of Cam and Bellamy.