1. Grand Final Edition OUT NOW:

    The 2020 NRL & NRLW Grand Final edition of The Front Row, our exclusive online e-magazine and match programme for Sunday's Grand Final Day! Also includes Super League Round 17 and 18 squads.

    The Grand Final edition brings you special stories from each camp - Paul Jobber chats with Panthers legend Scott Sattler recounts his famous moment in the sides 2003 title win and looks to the current crop of Penrith players; while Rob Crosby looks at Josh Addo-Carr as he laces up for what could be his final Storm game. Rick Edgerton has a Clive Churchill Medal guide, while Joshua Wells speaks to Brisbane NRLW star Millie Boyle as the Broncos cruise toward a Women's threepeat on Sunday.

    Add to that all the regular features you've come to expect - the programme for both Grand Final Day matches along with teamlists and details for Rounds 17 and 18 of the Super League - and you have one fantastic 32-page magazine for your Grand Final reading!


    Guest, click here to read online or download your free PDF copy

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