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    Tariq Sims

    For what’s worth, I think there are a few in the media that ‘passively’ seek to keep the dragons underwater. This year we have Hook who is not some commentators cup of tea. Of course, the BBQ was an own goal but gave the opportunity for the NRL to wipe out our strongest and metre eating forward...
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    Tariq Sims

    I just read that Phil Rothfield is giving us a thumbs down for not offering Tariq one or two years mor past 2022. I Think he is on $600 K a season next year roundabouts. That is very good coin. He joined dragons when 28 years old after playing for cows and Newcastle for 7 years odd; not...
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    The Kids are Alright

    Zac will be in open space if he makes a break by busting tackles and using speed to accelerate away He has had some clean ball particularly from Dufty and scored trys. Even the maligned Euan Aiken scored good trys from long range and busted through tackles. Zac is simply an acceptable NRL...
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    The Kids are Alright

    Gitano you are venturing into dangerous waters criticising Lomax. Remember he is a kid at 21 and has only 50 NRL games experience. Imagine the potential and how good he will be after 150 games at the end of his big $$$ 6 year deal.Best, Staggs, Burton, Crithon, to name a few will be quaking in...
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    Negative ONLY thread

    Don’t worry Forbes, the roosters will not consider Lomax.
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    Round 23 vs Roosters

    Some observations but preface comments that roosters too good at the end: - Dufty did use his high end speed to back up Rava and catch a fair pass to score early in the match. Who else has looked at this and thought ‘where is the forward pass’. Most of those type of trys find the ball travels...
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    Round 23 vs Roosters

    Hey fellow dragons , what’s all the Dufty shot himself in the foot etc all about. Pretty standard and sensible interview by Matt. Basically saying Hook disagreed about how Dufty should structure his game. It seems that Hook wants Duff to be more structured and given post match comments Hook...
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    Match review committee Charges

    Looking at the ‘Shoulder Charge’. Hopefully sensible comment. It was introduced to stop the shoulder being used to crash into the heads of players. I think it was a knee jerk rule application where players were throwing themselves shoulder cocked up to the high chest area to knock a ball...
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    Moses Mbye

    For what it is worth, Moses Mybe fit and in form is a good quality and very fast player. Yes, genuinely fast. The guy can run. Still it’s a gamble.
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    Rava being rubbed out

    Thanks Blacksafe it’s good and nice that Josh H apologised for jumping a bit late on Feagai. Maybe Rava should have apologised to Whitehead for wrapping his arms around his legs a bit later than the Judiciary liked in his around the legs tackle tut tut. Rava could have had a run the past month...
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    Rava being rubbed out

    BTW anyone see Hodgson arrive late using Fegai like a trampoline after Fegai scored that 1 st try. Surprised that didn’t catch attention? Anyway, the caravan moves on.
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    One Dragons Player You Could Have Back

    Old Timer I agree with Kurt Mann. Of course, he was not a ‘star’ but no nonsense good defender and very athletic. Playing centre, no opposition centre really ‘got on top of him‘. I never forget the night he played 5/8 against the tigers just after Gareth Widdop’s shoulder 1 st went in 2018, at...
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    Cody Ramsey

    Actually this is quite interesting. I am reasonably small 172cm height and 70kg. Therefore when I was playing both league and union what was the thing I feared nearly the most, you think getting smashed or rag dolled but…..forgetting my mouth guard. I had a proper dentist one and also those...
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    Round 21 v Raiders

    I still come back to the issue of fast players. The top sides have powerful big forwards and fast or very fast backs. very fast wingers such as Ado Carr, Johnson etc will get the ball to the line a metre or two in front of the average ones. We have not recruited a genuine quick player since...
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    Zac Lomax

    If Zac really wants to leave then ok. He is an NRL quality player but not worth reported $ 600 plus a year for 5-6 seasons. will kick goals and do some good things on occasion but not an attacking threat. Now talk about Best, Olam, Stagg etc then fine.