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  • Roopy I was reading your information on the 1953 American All Star tour. I note that you were asked to stop as a journo was going to write a book. I believe this has not been completed although you original post on this goes back to 2003. I am very interested in finding out more about this tour as it seems like a great story that needs to be told. I am wondering if you had anymore on this tour than what you have already written.

    Like to hear from you if I could.

    All the best
    Hey Roody, check out Charley Faatoia Collins in the Newcastle 1st grade comp, if they have allowed his two other tries on Sunday, he would have been the leading try scorer in the competition, at the moment he is equal 2nd with 6 games and 7 tries.
    Just thought of mention it to you and our forum.
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