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  1. saint.nick

    4th Test: England v India @ The Oval Sep 2-6 2021

    Mate I've always thought the exact same thing about Victorians, they're just too much! Settle down, your sport is f**king shit! And yes the irony of me saying that considering my two most recent posts is not lost on me.
  2. saint.nick

    4th Test: England v India @ The Oval Sep 2-6 2021

    Suck f**king shit you insufferable poms. All the poms on twitter are moaning about Kohli taking the piss out of their stupid trumpet, they can give it but they can't take it. "oH WeLl aT lEASt OuR BaNTaHH Is bEtter ThAn YoUrs"
  3. saint.nick

    Andrew Voss' Commentary

    A few Australian commentators are just shocking. If there's one thing the Poms do better, it's sports commentary. They have charisma, they stay on point, they don't get distracted by how funny they think they are, and they don't talk too much. I'm watching England vs India right now and the Sky...
  4. saint.nick

    Fox league social media and journo hypocrisy. Who else has had enough of them?

    Gus Worland fronts mental health foundations like he's a famous ambassador, but else has he done besides getting taking it up the arse from Hugh Jackson, getting pissed with the Barmy Army for an obscure cricket documentary, and get the piss taken out of by Matty Johns every morning?

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