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    Round 14 vs Cowboys

    Oh no ! I think I just saw the back of McPeanut's head .... at origin camp. Does this mean the Blues are doomed ??
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    Matt Lodge

    Me too. Its a big No from me.
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    Payne Haas

    Agree, Roosters for sure. Put your house on it. Bet uncle Nick has still got a couple of brown paper bags laying around.
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    Flanno's back

    Hope this is BS. We don't need Kyle Flanagan, full stop. I don't mean any disrespect to the kid but he has been given multiple opportunities and has not come up to the (First Grade) mark.
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    Zac Lomax

    Trying (and failing) to catch the ball with one hand in your own in goal is not a very smart play. If he is injured rest him, till hes right.
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    Round 9 vs Storm

    The Storm must be nervous about our bench! After twenty minutes Lawrie and Woods will come on fresh and ......... ?? wait, oh well, maybe they're not nervous. Will still be cheerin for the team.
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    Josh Schuster

    Well, he certainly wasn't a top tier player last night. Lazy, missing in action, threw crazy passes and had minimal contribution. Cam Murray ran straight past him on their try line and scored untouched.
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    Round 8 vs Tigers

    I was at the ground right next to where he (Jaydn)was injured and it didn’t look good. He was playing the house down at the time. We will miss him in the weeks ahead. Another victim of JWH. Wonder how many players that guy has injured?
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    Round 8 vs Tigers

    Can someone please update me on the injury to Jaydn Sua - cant find anything on the Dragons webshite.
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    Lack of media coverage

    Maybe not a lot of interest (media interest) in a team that doesn't deliver. One win from fourteen games is not news (I guess). Hopefully things improve. Starting today.
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    Jack Bostock

    Jeeez I hope he is a hooker !
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    Round 7 V Roosters

    Kerr should playing reserve grade for the foreseeable future. Lawrie is to slow and cumbersome for the modern game. We need athletic forwards who have both size and pace. But he will probably get the gig.
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    If that was Sims or the other Boofhead they’d be lookin at a month. The Cleary tackle
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    Mccullough , gotta go

    The Storm and Cameron Smith showed RL the value of good hooker. They continue to utilise this today with not one but two great hookers. Why has SGI not acted as this aspect of the game ?? You just scratch your head and wonder.
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    Hook’s Days Numbered?

    FFS just start a new hooker One run for 3 meters. — please The storm have two gun hookers and before that C Smith - Hello !!! Penny not dropped ??? Anybody with some toe. Why not try Amone or Bird or Cody Why hasn’t out club learnt from the successful clubs - Board ? Coach ? Or just plain dumb...

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