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Recent content by Sanchez

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    Rumor Mill

    Gus on Twitter saying a forward has been signed. Any ideas
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    Team v Broncos

    Could just play Sironen at centre
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    Team v Bulldogs

    Id rather CHT to centre Townsend to halves, Pompey to wing Egan in to start, JTB out, Tevaga to bench- can pretend to be a prop when he comes on
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    No joke, I like Blocker. Makes me laugh. I like to imagine things he would say like " the team with the most points will win"
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    Reece Walsh

    In my books he can get away with just about anything if he keeps throwing those delightful cutout passes to the centres
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    Team v Panthers

    He will come on for a prop and Harris will go middle
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    Gus gone

    In short, ultimately disappointing but understandable
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    Team v Panthers

    As well as he has been playing, Montoya is probably odd man out, cause Aitken should definitely play. If fit start Harris, Tevaga to bench, Townsend for SOS, although id probably carry SOS on the bench. Drop AhMau and Evans. SOS can cover if Townsend falls over or can come on for Egan and...
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    3-2-1 v Sharks

    3 - SOS 2 - Walsh 1- Lodge Never forget SOS is the back up half. Probably never intended as the 3rd half. Turner would of been the 3rd. By those standards hes doing a pretty good job
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    Gameday - Rd17 Warriors v Sharks

    Looked like we were defending with 10 men. Swiss cheese
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    Rumor Mill

    JTB to the Dragons on a wink nod loan deal
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    Team v Sharks

    He dropped Pompey, I love Nathan Brown now
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    Vs Dragons Round 16

    Could even add Hiku, Fusitua and CHT(14) to that list
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    3-2-1 v Dragons

    If he got it, Warriors win. So it wasnt that pointless
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    3-2-1 v Dragons

    3-Katoa 2-Sironen 1-RTS -100 - Kosi