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Recent content by sandshark

  1. sandshark

    Dugan Terminated

    This is probably the right decision. I highly doubt he'll play in Australia again.
  2. sandshark

    Mentally Exhausted

    Take it easy and look after yourself Stake. See you when you get back.
  3. sandshark

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    I think we should persist with the halves we've got. I would love an NRL quality centre though if there even is one.
  4. sandshark

    Metcalf / Tracey

    Did you guys know that Metcalfe is the second coming of Christ? I must say its better than the second coming of Nathan Gardner. he'll be a handy no:14 for 2022.
  5. sandshark

    Steve Price - Warrington

    I like this.
  6. sandshark

    O.T. Jimmy Maloney retires.

    What an absolute legend. Thank you for the memories and an amazing 2016.
  7. sandshark

    Fifita unwell

    Hope he has a smooth and quick recovery.
  8. sandshark

    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    Noddy and Adam Dykes. Surely we can get them.
  9. sandshark

    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    Whom do you suggest? I think it'd be cool if we bring back Gal and put him in at 5/8. f**k let's just put a tackle bag in and see what it can do.
  10. sandshark

    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    Hopefully mate. Nothing to lose by putting him in and seeing what he can offer. We'll be going back to the drawing board once Moylan comes back and goes down again. May as well give Metcalfe a crack.
  11. sandshark

    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    I wonder how many halves pairings we'll use by end of season. Surely it'll be a record.
  12. sandshark

    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    What a season.
  13. sandshark

    OT: Ads

    How dare you.
  14. sandshark

    Johnson 4-8 weeks

    Let's hope that Jacinda let's them in quick. Good luck Warriors.
  15. sandshark

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Post season I guess.