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    Prediction poll - who will get the 18th team?

    And there’s the call that sums your thoughts up- State of Origin is a negative to Rugby League. Despite me having plenty of sympathy for your cause, you’ve really turned into a whinging, salty sook. Ditch the whiny, bitch facade and come back to the real world, or just stfu and stop bringing the...
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    The saving grace to this entire thread is that Perth coming into the NRL as the 18th club has light years more chance than a pseudo second comp with zero chance of succeeding. All just mental masturbation going on here.
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    I disagree. I see what my club are doing with juniors on the Goldie and I couldn’t think of any other sporting body doing a better job. Very high level and broad support of junior development, on and off the field.
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    Of these hundreds and thousands of players worldwide, how many have the potential to play at a professional level (let alone “elite level”)? My answer is, not enough to fill additional levels of competition. If there was a need for an additional competition, the market would have already created...
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    To clarify, in your model, NRL2 teams are not tied to any NRL teams, correct? If so, where does all the junior development talent go to grow into the game beyond junior comps? If it’s a reserve grade, what does this achieve other than creating another layer (therefore cost and competition) in a...
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    Interesting idea and I can see the merits, but the fact that sinks it is the second divisions all exist to feed up to the NRL. Separating NRL2 from the top tier would stop all (or the vast majority) of potential talent in playing there- keeping themselves available to make the NRL. NRL2 clubs...
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    Has expansion actually brought in any more money?

    Too funny, but what’s funnier is how many people on here will get but-hurt by your last statement!
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    The Bears

    If others are stuck in 1995, I’d say you’re stuck somewhere between 1967 and 1981……
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    The Bears

    Fair point and you’re 100% correct. It will lead to the demise of the game though. But there are bigger fish out there directing these things the way they want them to go unfortunately.
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    The Bears

    Always on point @Colk but I think it is a bit of a redundant argument to have. You’re arguing with a dying perspective, one where Rugby League in Australia is exclusively structured for the Sydney comp, and all other clubs are there at the grace of the former NSWRL. No matter what facts or...
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    18th club, whose next?

    Umm, it was done back in the mid 2000’s. The Gold Coast has been back in the comp for 15 seasons now- if that’s not doing something about it, I don’t know what is…. 🤭🤦‍♂️Might be time to shine that “inadequacies” mirror a little closer to home champ.
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    TWO new Brisbane teams

    I’ve always hated the conference concept, but I don’t mind this direction, the conferences seem better balanced than anything else I’ve seen before, and the finals concept is intriguing. My biggest issue here is Central Coast coming in- would love to see some real expansion for #20, but I get...
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    The Game Jerseys, Logos, Mock Ups, Photos ANYTHING

    Io parla un po, Il mio famiglia i Sicilianni
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    The Game Jerseys, Logos, Mock Ups, Photos ANYTHING

    Tu parla Italiana????

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