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  1. SGMax

    The Rumours Thread

    Niukore to miss some games next year...been put on report a couple of times in tonights game. Hope they factor that into negotiations. Otherwise looks a decent 2nd rower. Not the top line signing I was hoping for though.
  2. SGMax

    The Rumours Thread

    Don't start me on this. Lead with his shoulder and got him flush in the face and the dare they not be lenient. They got away with a couple of other shoulder charges with late wrapping action by Crichton or Radley. It was OK to rub Ravs out for 4 weeks for a hit in the belly...
  3. SGMax

    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    With talk of Manly about to sign Bulemor and last minute interest from the Dragons, I am hoping Bulemor's agent can get another 50K out of Manly. Suck on that you scum....well done Dragons.
  4. SGMax

    Tariq Sims

    If someone told me last year that Simms may be playing alongside Crichton in 2022, I would be doing cartwheels that we were getting Crichton. With talk of possible interest from Easts, it could happen, but not in a good way.
  5. SGMax

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Looking at those that are leaving: Norman, Pereira, Dufty, Vaughn, Ellis, Williame, Beale(?) The new additions: Molo, Sua, Burgess, Mbye, Suli,.... I think Dragons are looking stronger for 2022. With a few more spots to fill, imagine if we can add Kikau or Brandon Smith. I would also take...
  6. SGMax

    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    How petty are the sea eagles wanting their 50K back. They can't see the difference between poaching a young player in year 1 of a 3 year contract re Saab, with signing a player in Suli who is unwanted and been given permission to look elsewhere. If I was the Dragons I would tell Suli to come...
  7. SGMax

    The Rumours Thread

    You make some good points. Garrick is an ok winger if you include his goal kicking...otherwise not a real threat to defences. Saab was hopeless in the first 4 rounds without Turbo and the space he provides. Herbert is average at best and that is years after he left. Robson looked really good in...
  8. SGMax

    Brandon Morkos - young star, bright future

    National selection means open to selection from the whole nation. Selections should be based on merit. Imagine explaining to a schoolboy from NSW or Qld that he wasn't selected so there could be token participation from other states.
  9. SGMax

    Round 23 vs Roosters

    If this year had been like last year and only 20 rounds long we would have been playing finals. Still I am optimistic for next year. I like what I am hearing....Hook is at least aware of the how weak our forwards are and that we need a beast like Suli in the backline.
  10. SGMax

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Yes, would be great a addition....but the figure mentioned was $850K. I'd be ok with $700k but no more than that. He has been the Dogs' best this year. James Graham should have a chat with him.
  11. SGMax

    Round 22 vs Panthers

    Was it just me but the Penrith defence were offside the whole game. Every time the dummy half passed the ball, the receiver had defenders waiting for him to catch the ball to tackle him. No wonder we had no go forward! I finally got to see what Amone can do. Looks very good. If Cleary doesn't...
  12. SGMax

    Michael Maguire Tiger Town

    I fully agree, except that I expect a little self control in front of a camera that is recording for public viewing. Its a legitimate thing to say to your team in private, perhaps not so much when the team is above you on the ladder. I expected a bit more character from an established coach...
  13. SGMax

    Michael Maguire Tiger Town

    What a drop kick! He knew it was being recorded and was happy to insult us. Hope this is used as motivation for the next time we play them....and any other bottom 8 team.
  14. SGMax

    Round 21 v Raiders

    Before Bird left us for Cronulla, the Dragons coaches were convinced that FB was Bird's best position. I don't think he will have the speed or fitness to be FB, but he may be there to help the halves direct play in Hunt's absence. Dufty must have really put off the Dragons behind the scenes to...
  15. SGMax

    Match review committee Charges

    Lets see if Talakai gets charged for the shoulder charge in tonights game v Manly. Again, commentators gasped at what a hard tackle it was but not a suggestion of the shoulder charge that it was. Poor Ravs targeted for wearing the redV.