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  1. shaggs


    They did have half a coach
  2. shaggs


    $1.2 million a year apparently
  3. shaggs

    3…2…1 v Mutts

    I think if he kicked to space a couple of times instead of the bomb. I understand the dogs wingers are mud, so that was probably the plan. Start of the second half we needed to play in their half with long kicks. Like you say he is learning on the run, the more he starts the better he’ll get
  4. shaggs

    Proposed team vs. Manly-Warringah Hartleys

    I predict no change to the team just played
  5. shaggs

    2022 Targets

    Sometimes you need minimum wage space takers
  6. shaggs

    Game Day - Dog Day Afternoon

    Now I have no basis or stats for this, but I have a theory about this. No matter how the drop off goes, high, low, along the ground, the first tackle is always around the 30. Someone who likes stats and spreadsheets @Frenzy. might be able to something with this.
  7. shaggs

    Dale Finucane Signs for 4

    I’m not that fussed on manu. Maybe he might be better than what we have, but is he worth the 200-300k it would cost. There is a couple of young kids in the club already that might be worth the time
  8. shaggs

    Johnson or Moylan..?

    He wasn’t terrible tonight. His first 40 was pretty good
  9. shaggs

    Johnson or Moylan..?

    Halves always sort themselves out, if the forwards go forward and defend aggressively. A change in mindset from our middle will allow hynes, Trindall Moylan etc to do what is needed. BTW , Foran looks like a different player back at manly. He has come good after so many injuries. No reason...
  10. shaggs

    OT: Can dumb f**k NRL players ensure the season is completed

    If Queensland government pulls out then no origin for qld ever again. Simples
  11. shaggs

    Team v Bulldogs

    No loss.
  12. shaggs

    Lachlan Lewis

    Called it 2 years when the rest of you lot were in tears about him leaving. The bloke was a dud then and is a dud now.
  13. shaggs

    Lachlan Lewis

    Lol. McInnes at lock. That won’t be happening. You’ll love the new 7 when that rolls around.
  14. shaggs

    Bomber to the Rabbits

    Thabjs I am sure he was doing crowd interviews at jubilee this season
  15. shaggs

    Bomber to the Rabbits

    Wasn’t noddy coaching our women’s team?? Or doing something at the Sharks. has he got a gig at the tigers for next season