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    2022 - Forum Scapegoat?

    I am saying Will Kennedy!
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    Hynes Insight

    Out of curiosity Bluefox, which years did you attend JBHS?
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    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    This is one of the smartest ideas that I have read on here.
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    Games postponed / Vaccine discussion

    1 case in Brisbane!
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    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    They can have Billy!
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    Connor Tracey to be named at 6

    Apparently he will be named at Five Eighth this week. Excited to see how he handles it.
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    Player walkout...

    I am pretty sure that there was a story on here a while back about Bomber walking in and seeing Hannay and asking "why is he here?
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    2021 other games...

    This is so accurate, it really pisses me off. I think once you have turned your back the onus is on you to stay safe.
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    OT- Ooh f**k

    He was assistant at the cowboys when Paul Green got the flick. And yeh this week when Bomber got the flick
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    New Coach Speaketh....

    I thought that he was very impressive. Showed a lot of respect to Bomber, also seems super keen to not allow the season to turn to poo.
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    Our goal line defence was awesome yesterday, however we still had 36 missed tackles for the match.
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    2022 Targets

    Stephen Crichton has re signed with Penrith, It will be announced shortly!
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    Pearce, Reynolds, Keary, goooorne

    Pretty sure that “ stick with him” meant for that series, not forever.
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    Team vs. Broncos

    He straightened the attack. In behind the ruck. Passes direct and accurate. Jayden is normally great at this, however tonight he was not.
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    He is an absolute arse!! However most successful people are. He has made many crap decisions, On balance the good decisions probably outweigh the bad ones. but only just.

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