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  1. Shaun Hewitt

    Who should we sign for 2022

    Ah Mau, Evans, Fus, JTB..... Last one out, turn the lights off
  2. Shaun Hewitt

    Who should we sign for 2022

    Yep, To be honest, I was completely disappointed by him. I remember being in pre-season, probably being his loudest supporter thinking that he would do well here.
  3. Shaun Hewitt

    Who should we sign for 2022

    How many roster spots do we have left to fill? Don't think we've signed anyone since Evans and Fus were released.
  4. Shaun Hewitt

    Redcliffe Dolphins recruitment targets

    Wouldn't be surprised if they sign up Ash Taylor and Kodi Nikorima from us (Warriors) Pretty sure both have said they want to remain in QLD, both have history with Bennett. I'm more sure that Kodi will go there, Taylor I'm guessing will need to prove he is still upto NRL standards after...
  5. Shaun Hewitt

    Rumor Mill

    Agree 100% on Fus. Seems bizarre he'd return home for being homesick, then go pretty much as far as possible away to continue to play. Something doesn't add up. Kodi will probably be here next season, then head to the Dolphins. He's made no secret of wanting to stay in QLD. I think I even...
  6. Shaun Hewitt

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Mixing between Pokemon Unite (although the pay to win is putting me off) and Middle Earth: Shadow of War
  7. Shaun Hewitt

    In Memoriam RIP Bobby Eaton My first memories of him were in his latter career in wCw. It took me a few years to appreciate just how big of a legacy this guy had.
  8. Shaun Hewitt

    Will Chambers

    Can't imagine Montoya or Evans being too happy if he was brought over.
  9. Shaun Hewitt

    Greatest EVER Kiwi? Greatest EVER Warrior?

    Going off this article here Names of players that were suggested include...
  10. Shaun Hewitt

    Daniel Bryan and CM Punk

    Think I may be the only person on the planet to not really like, nor care about Punk in any way shape or form. No doubting he is extremely popular, so well aware I am in the minority here. If Daniel Bryan can stay injury free, this could be a great move! Their roster seems to be ballooning.
  11. Shaun Hewitt


    After all he has done for the club, I certainly support the early release. We weren't making the 8 anyway. Genuine legend.
  12. Shaun Hewitt

    Team v Dragons

    Maybe, there was promises that we'd be joined by some high profile players. Needless to say, they never came. I should have known.
  13. Shaun Hewitt

    Team v Dragons

    P.S Hello for the first time I think this season!

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