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  • Good to see that thread shut down Shorty I just wish we could get rid of that pair of Idiots out of the Souths Threads.
    Aah ok I see what you're talking about.
    Yeah you can learn how to be less exerted cause that is what's hurting it,strengthen your shoulders specifically for cricket rotator cuff so that you can get the same force but you don't have to activate your mid/lower back muscles as much.

    Do you do front raise much?
    Just continuous running and and bowling...I slam down pretty hard..a lot of stress goes into my back
    Yeah Lumbar is pretty dodge,once you injure it any kind of twisting motion can set it off.
    Overload,exercise? Squats or something? Did you slip a disc?
    I guess you'd have to be careful whenever you're using it excessively,so warms up and warm downs extended,right shoes etc.
    Muscles in back and abs are fine...always strengthening and toning. Done it the first time due to over load..Opening cricket bowler... Has re injured a few times over the past year..once I was just sitting on the lounge...and went to get up
    How did you hurt your back?
    You can strengthen muscles around it and strengthen your abs.
    My physio tells me i'll need a back op....Is there anything else you can do about disc problems..L4 and down.
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