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    Players refusing to sing the National anthem in protest

    His dad probably was.
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    Corey Jensen

    I agree, as of right now I think the forward pack will be Haas, Turpin 😒, Flegler, Capewell, Riki, Hetherington. I’m still not 100% sold on Riki, some games he looks great and others ordinary but he should fix the difference between bad and good games as he gets older. I tuned in to watch...
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    Players refusing to sing the National anthem in protest

    You mean people who contribute to society? Majority of Indigenous males in custody in the Northern Territory are there for assaults on their families but yeah it’s just the police / courts fault. Majority of Indigenous deaths in custody are in prison and due to poor health. Unfortunately...
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    2021 PF 1 Sat - Melbourne 6-10 Penrith @ Suncorp

    The storm need to go to Kenny Bromwich more, he is the only one who looks like he will create something.
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    2021 PF 1 Sat - Melbourne 6-10 Penrith @ Suncorp

    Did Ennis just say Kikau has been outstanding?
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    Round 23 vs. Warriors Discussion

    I thought it was a pretty solid win today and probably 6 points closer then what it should’ve been. It’s enjoyable watching the younger guys get an extended run for the future but also build a bit of resilience in defence. Haas was doing Haas things while Flegler managed to rack up 143m...
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    2021 R23 Sun - Brisbane 24-22 Warriors @ Suncorp

    He’s good at crying though 😭
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    Albert Kelly

    If anything it builds depth and a decent pre season competition for the 6 jersey between Kelly and Gamble.
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    Tesi Niu

    Who do you believe is the broncos long term fullback? With Niu being resigned, the wraps on Cobbo and reports over the weekend we were interested in Manu which hasn’t been confirmed, it would be interesting to know who they view as the long term solution.
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    2021 R21 Sun - Canterbury 16-28 Wests Tigers @ Cbus Super

    The Cbus Super Stadium groundskeeper should get the Dally M this year.
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    2021 R21 Sat - Warriors 18-16 Cronulla @ Cbus Super

    Perth is too nice, send them to Alice Springs.
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    Round 21 vs. Newcastle Knights Discussion

    I agree, I don’t see why Hetherington only played 31 minutes unless he was injured while Riki was a speed bump at times. I think Niu showed glimpses and I’ve seen on social media that he’s in the process of re signing. I was starting to doubt Farnworth prior to this game but he looked strong...
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    2021 R21 Thu - Newcastle 28-20 Brisbane @ Suncorp

    Broncs deserve to win this, how they’re still in the game considering they have Croft, Isaako, Glenn and Levi all in the starting line up.

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