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    Round 11 vs. Newcastle Knights Discussion

    Riki is a first class plodder.
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    Round 9 vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs Discussion

    Really impressive defensive effort particularly when they were inside our 20. I thought we dominated them in the forwards. - Cobbo growing in confidence is fun to watch - Carrigan is a star - Flegler played one of the best games I’ve seen him play and his offloads killed souths - TMM adds so...
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    2022 R9 Thu - South Sydney 12-32 Brisbane @ Accor

    If the Bennett curse is real, we’ll get to see 5 more years of it.
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    Most hyped youngster that went nowhere?

    He got locked up a couple of weeks ago here in Darwin. He’s just a useless thieving junkie who’ll be in and out of gaol for the rest of his life until he OD’s🤞🏼
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    2022 R8 Sun - Newcastle 2-50 Melbourne @ McDonald Jones

    To early to warm up the 50 point thread?
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    2022 R8 Sat - Warriors 21-20* Canberra @ Moreton Daily

    Bunji talking Shaun Johnson up like he’s anything more than a plodder capable of a great play every now and again.
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    2022 R8 Sat - Warriors 21-20* Canberra @ Moreton Daily

    Raiders should be kicked out of the comp
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    2022 R7 Sun - Penrith 36-6 Canberra @ BlueBet

    Taylan May looks like he was born in prison.
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    2022 R7 Sun - Newcastle 2-39 Parramatta @ McDonald Jones

    In your defence, the Tigs are a better side than Poocastle. The dogs will win a premiership before the knights.
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    Round 4 vs. Warriors Discussion

    Do you see any improvement? I think we got lucky with the souths and dogs wins.
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    Round 4 vs. Warriors Discussion

    I still suspect we might be a poorly coached side but we have some absolute plodders. Niu looks like a hooker pretending to be a fullback. Our spine is horrific, Turpin and Niu offer absolutely nothing so it’s not surprising we offer nothing in the 20.
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    2022 R4 Sat - Warriors 20-6 Brisbane @ Moreton Daily

    The lack of quality games is worrying. Storm v Eels last week is the only decent game I’ve watched this season from memory.
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    2022 R4 Sat - Warriors 20-6 Brisbane @ Moreton Daily

    There will be a ton of players on report this round if this is the standard
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    2022 R4 Sat - Warriors 20-6 Brisbane @ Moreton Daily

    I’m still not 100% sure he’s done anything wrong.