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    "It’s very realistic to say that we’ll have a second team in Brisbane in 2023": V'landys

    So its an all Sydney GF Current expansion clubs not good enough
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    No team has ever won the premiership after conceding 50pts in a regular season match

    I feel a meltdown next week Covid impact will break this
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    The Case for Adelaide.....

    Cronulla and Adelaide while a good match Just have not jelled at fan level But Easts have for some reason. Maybe its the colours or the Melbourne rivalry
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    Worst injury you've ever seen?

    Nothing can be worse than the Cameron Smith / McLean tackle Though the old spear tackles come close
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    News 2021 NRL rule changes

    I think it was around the mid-90s maybe with all of SL War rule changes As grubber kicks grew in popularity It was seen as a way to remove 6 to go confusion Interesting they then introduced kicking the ball into someone is not 6 to go to remove the non deliberate touches
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    News 2021 NRL rule changes

    They actually changed the rule for some reason It used to be if the ball was on the rise - it was not 6 again
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    Cali RL join the NARL West Conference.

    There was always going to be a growth issue in the USA due to the geographic size And the basic East v West issue What we are seeing is a tapping into the fringe NFL market which is very important to grow the game in the US Though the timing of the announcemt and the recent comments of a big...
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    NRL issue Penrith breach notice over trainer incident

    Punishment fails the grand final test Strip the team of the winning result
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    Question on Peter V'landys

    He will need to fix the rules There was too much tackling too hard
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    2021 NRL Grand Final

    Who plays on Friday preliminary is decided by Ch 9 on who will rate on TV higher
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    NRL's growth mindset points to 18th team. And it ain't Perth.

    Why are you so upset In this model you would have exactly what you want 16 rounds home & away without any Sydney clubs
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    NRL's growth mindset points to 18th team. And it ain't Perth.

    Simple 18 teams Two pools of pools of 9 Teams within a pool play home & away across one season With a Top 8 from a combined table And cross pools home & away over two seasons How do you decide the pools? My preferrence us Sydney v Regional But I could live with pools decided by a 2 year...
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    Player Depth

    Development is the biggest concern Not player depth Since 2000 we have been in a RG v State Cups argument which is hurting development Rather than saying it needs to leavee or needs to right I suggest we need both answers - NRL RG for professional players and State Cups for part-time...
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    "It’s very realistic to say that we’ll have a second team in Brisbane in 2023": V'landys

    No you do a demerger They can then be just known as the Tigers playing in Black & Gold While Wests can return to being known as Magpies