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  1. Skcusy Bgur

    2017 SEASON

    Was sceptical of the AFLW concept, but you couldn't doubt their desire and attack on the ball. Tough, uncompromising, no holds barred, no beg your pardons. Disposal will get better and it's good for young women who want to continue to play the game to have a goal to aspire to. But it's great...
  2. Skcusy Bgur

    Who's Your team???

    Port Adelaide. Nothing else comes close.
  3. Skcusy Bgur

    Robin Gibb has passed away

    Thanks for the memories Robin <3
  4. Skcusy Bgur

    Shockingly bad movies you watched because they won awards etc

    Little miss sunshine - brilliant, but that's my opinion. For me one that springs to mind is Before Sunrise. Raved about it on JJJ back in the '90's. Waste of time.
  5. Skcusy Bgur

    TV shows which turn out to be gems...

    Dexter Six Feet Under MDA RAN (Remote Area Nurse) My Family The Straits
  6. Skcusy Bgur

    Name that movie/show

    Game is easy. Give a quote from a movie, doesn't have to be famous and well known. Whoever gets it right gets to select the next quote to continue thread. I'll start with this quote: "Get busy living, or get busy dying."
  7. Skcusy Bgur

    Superthread XXXII

    I wasn't looking at his neck
  8. Skcusy Bgur

    Funny Pics II

    Please rename thread "not so funny pics II" Carry on.
  9. Skcusy Bgur

    What are you eating right now?

    Thai green curry with prawns, chicken, bok choy, garlic, ginger, coriander, green chilli and coconut milk. Basmati rice infused with green chilli and coconut.
  10. Skcusy Bgur

    Australian F1 Grand Prix

    Has anyone here been to an Australian Grand Prix?
  11. Skcusy Bgur

    Nissan to join V8 Supercars competition in 2013

    Volkswagen and Subaru are also set up and ready to join in 2014.
  12. Skcusy Bgur

    Round 9

    That looks on paper like a very tough draw. Long way to go for all. Haven't Carlton slid quickly into the abyss since the St Kilda game. Still looked good during that game, but the two since they have been soft. Still six contenders atm.
  13. Skcusy Bgur

    Introduce yourself

    I'm female, 28 and I teach at a state school in Townsville. I support the Cowboys and Port Adelaide.
  14. Skcusy Bgur

    University Thread

    Graduated from UNISA Magill campus in '08. Teaching in Townsville.
  15. Skcusy Bgur

    Round 9

    No clear flag favorite yet.