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  • Hey Smithtown,

    I sent Willow a message but I've not heard back... I am also epDragon62 but my email is defunct and I don't have my password. So, I'd like access to Jubilee Avenue as epDragon as an alternative.

    Can you help?

    I've just noticed that you deleted a thread of mine called "Another Morris boy can find the line".

    Just wondering why as it was just a link to a newspaper article. Hoping I didn't cross any forum boundaries or anything.
    Smithy ... As far as I can ascertain it's being discussed. Ben Hunt and Josh Hoffman are the key elements. Are they likely to end up better options than Wallace and Boyd. Brother also heard that Gold Coast may offer Rankin and another young player (forward) or Lawton for Boyd.
    Hi Smithtown,
    I have followed the prompts and registered and even though I sign on I still can't see any posts. I have sent a previous message on 30th August with no response. Can you please help me gain access. Regards thedragon
    is there a problem with jubilee ave. I log on, and cant see the normal list of postings?
    Thanks in advance

    I was wondering if you could help me. Since the MSN site was closed down (I was a reader for years), I have had no troubles since migrating to the new forum in LU.

    However, just as of this afternoon, the site asks me to log in. Once I do it tells me I do not have "permission to access this page".

    Could you please help me to re-gain access please.

    Thank you,

    Andrew (
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