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  1. SnowDragon

    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    Leave us poor Swedes in peace, otherwise I’ll send over the surströmming its Denmark that’s rotten (& our herring 😂)
  2. SnowDragon

    Tariq Sims

    It’s hard to know what the real deal is, and who leaks what. Sims is a leader, and although he has become inconsistent, he stands up for big matches. I’d have hoped if his manager comes forward asking for an extension, then the club would say say “sure thing” however it will clearly be at a...
  3. SnowDragon

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Fan favourite Sims to leave? I guess he will be 32 before next season starts
  4. SnowDragon

    Cowboys game.

    I'd have started with Bud and junior in the halves, probably put Norman in at hooker and told him to tackle, before ripping him off and putting in Lussick.
  5. SnowDragon

    Round 23 vs Roosters

    I’m still hoping for a big win.
  6. SnowDragon

    Sullivan to half Amone to 5/8 Sloan to Fullback

    Wow, although the future is always unclear, these 3 hold huge opportunities for the dragons. I’m just purely excited!
  7. SnowDragon

    Moses Mbye

    Funnily enough, Benj was an absolute star when we met him over in the UK a few years back. Came over and chatted to me and my boy after the match against Warrington. ( was actually disappointed in Frizzel that night).
  8. SnowDragon

    Tariq Sims

    Sims as captain! Well deserved :)
  9. SnowDragon

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    I see it very differently. Lawrie is a solid 1st grader these days, and only 24 or 25 if I recall correctly. Sticks it to anyone and has high effort. McGuire is ok, not a fan, but a little mongrel is ok, and the team needs it. I see him on rotation for the bench
  10. SnowDragon

    Zac Lomax

    yeah, I’ve refused to get upset with Zac for not signing, even though it’s hurt the team. Sure, I’d be pissed if he wanted out after all this, and I hope he has learnt something, but i won’t condemn him based on what I know
  11. SnowDragon

    Match review committee Charges

    its ridiculous. I’ve trouble enjoying games these days. I keep asking myself (or anyone stupid enough to be close at the time) why the hell some players are penalised and others aren’t. Takes the focus and enjoyment away
  12. SnowDragon

    Zac Lomax

    We have really missed Zac since the injury, then the bbq. Don’t know details, but hope he gets back to his for. From earlier in the year ASAP.
  13. SnowDragon

    Dragons statement: Player breach

    Competitive but loosing team seems to be the mantra
  14. SnowDragon

    Rava being rubbed out

    Yeah, we all had the same comment independently watching here too
  15. SnowDragon

    Dragons statement: Player breach

    Actually he did apologise yes he was honest enough to say they didn’t think they would get caught. The explanation is as good as it can be given the stupidity. I wonder how many others have gotten away at it, both at our club and in others. I find it hard to accept their self Privileged...