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  1. Someone

    Rugby League Live 4 confirmation

    on mighty ape it still says release date is 28th of july for me. how did you get it early?
  2. Someone

    Final 4 - Preferred Grand Final pairing?

    im going to this game so i have high hopes of more of a fairytale story than anything else. plus a mate im going with is a sharks supporter so it would be wild to go to sharks vs storm/raiders. i also think raiders vs cowboys would be epic. worst case scenario would be cows storm but even that...
  3. Someone

    Hayne signs with Gold Coast

    did sonny bill Williams get clearance from the dogs?
  4. Someone

    Hayne signs with Gold Coast

    mate as already stated the nrl made special discretion, its quite obvious hayne will be at the titans for 2016 an 2017. so he isnt just dropping in to make a quick finals appearance then leaving. i stick by what i said and my argument. no one gave a shit that this spirited gold coast team was...
  5. Someone

    Hayne signs with Gold Coast

    i love how people harp on about fairness but the same whingers don't bat an eyelid when said team competes in the competition for roughly the full regular season 1 million or so dollars under the cap and a million or so dollars under every other team. the titans have been brought up to...
  6. Someone

    Hayne signs with Gold Coast

    wish him all the best and il be watching the titan a little more closely over the last few rounds and hopefully into the finals. the titans are hard to hate so i don't really give a shit about him snubbing parra TBH. if it was the dogs or roosters id kick my dog into next year.
  7. Someone

    2016 R19 - Panthers 22-18 Eels @ Pepper Stadium

    are you mentally challenged?
  8. Someone

    Free movies on Foxtel

    dont they have a free month every year or so? might as well cash in now and put the channels to good use.
  9. Someone

    2016 R17 - FRI - Broncos 6-48 Storm @ Suncorp

    the smugness of the broncos fans has quickly disappeared. a bit of humility quickly hits home when its your team in the pits. although you guys can still claw your way out at least.
  10. Someone

    D day for Parramatta

  11. Someone

    Game of Thrones II

    i really don't get the hate for the later seasons, okay maybe 5 i agree with to an extent. 4 and 6 would be up there with 1 as my favorites.
  12. Someone

    What else can go wrong?

    what a time to be an eels fan. this is when we are at our greatest. making headlines everyday. my prediction: we wont sign anyone because we are shit and players know that. BA will leave, maybe warriors. Semi will in fact leave to union because usually where there is smoke there is fire.
  13. Someone

    D day for Parramatta

    how so? makes no sense
  14. Someone

    D day for Parramatta

    yeah we are tarnishing the league. i thought it was meant to happen a week or two ago?

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